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Pan fried chicken wings

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 273
  • Protein: 22
  • Fats: 17,6
  • Carbohydrates: 6,5

    Once again, we welcome you to the pages of HozOboz. Today we are preparing chicken wings in a pan: quick, simple and tasty. For their preparation, we use a minimum of products and do not spend much time, but at the same time we get an excellent result. Many will now say that delicious chicken wings, and even in a pan, are not at all the crown of culinary art. And this is a fact. On the other hand, sometimes you need to depict a “candy” without bothering much and with a minimum set of products, and then such a recipe will help you. But we’ll talk about how to create crispy chicken wings, or maybe in a fragrant sauce in a pan, later, but for now, a little history.

    History of the dish

    A fast food feast for the whole world - this is how you can briefly describe dishes like this. The most famous representative of the winged family can be called the famous Buffalo wings without hesitation. Deep-fried chicken wings are dipped in a hot sauce of vinegar, cayenne pepper and melted butter. This recipe was invented by a certain Teresa Belissimo from the Anchor bar in Buffalo, where the very name of this wonderful snack comes from. Since then, such wings have been almost the hallmark of New York State. And chicken wings, which were popular even before, have now become perhaps the most desired snack. How were they not prepared? And one of the options is just a recipe that suggests that chicken wings are fried in a pan. It is this recipe that we have chosen for you today for its simplicity, accessibility and speed of preparation.


    • Chicken wings - 600 g
    • Breadcrumbs - 4 tbsp.
    • Flour - 4 tbsp.
    • Salt - ½ tsp
    • Spices for chicken - 1 tsp.
    • Vegetable oil - 200 ml
    • Egg - 2 pcs.


    1. Prepare the ingredients. Let's wash the wings.

      To learn how to cook chicken wings in a pan, first prepare the products

    2. Cut off the extreme phalanges of all wings.

      From all wings, the extreme phalanges should be cut off

    3. Drive eggs into a bowl, add salt and spices.

      For glaze in a bowl, mix the eggs, as well as a little salt and spices to taste

    4. Beat with a whisk until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

      Beat the ice cream well

    5. Bread the wings first in flour, then in the egg mixture, then in breadcrumbs.

      Now we bread the wings in flour, and then in the lezon and repeat the procedure again

    6. In a frying pan, heat the oil to bubbles and lay out the wing blanks. Fry over medium heat until golden and crispy on both sides.

      Before you fry the wings, you need to heat the oil well, and then put the wings into it. Fry the appetizer until golden brown on both sides

    7. Put the finished wings on a paper towel, removing excess oil.

      Put the finished wings on a paper towel

    8. Serve to the table.

      Now put it on a dish and serve it hot

    The benefits of the dish

    Of the useful things, I can only note that this is not fast food. Otherwise, everything is exactly the opposite of the benefits: fried, deep-fried, fat, and so on. To make the dish healthier, I would recommend, for example, cooking chicken wings in a pan in soy sauce. It is quite possible that you also have the option of how to deliciously cook chicken wings in a pan and we will be happy to help you with this and make your recipe known throughout the country, and maybe the whole world. We are happy to be of service. Your HozOboz!

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