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Oatmeal cookies

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 461
  • Protein: 6.7
  • Fats: 14.5
  • Carbohydrates: 72.8

    Today we’re going to tell you about very simple yet healthy dessert. We prepared oat cookies recipe for you. Of course, all of you know these sweet cookies from your childhood but, truth be told, this recipe is totally different thing. There is a great number of recipes using oat flakes like bread with oat bran, different pies made of oat flour, but homemade oat cookies  are definitely the best known one among them all. And a few facts actually can prove it:

    • firstly, oatmeal cookies are relatively dietetic, but only if to compare with other sweets;
    • secondly, mind how simple this dessert is to cook. Even amateur chef can make it easily;
    • homemade oat biscuits can be cooked very quickly and from the conventional ingredients that you can always find at home;
    • and, finally, everyone loves tasty oatmeal cookies;

    This review will tell you about the history of the dish, its healthy features and, of course, we’ll teach you how to cook oat cookies with its recipe.

     And we begin, as usual, with some history

    Despite the common belief of a lot of people, oat cookies wasn’t made in USSR but invented in Scotland in 1815. The cultivation oat meal was an essential of Scottish agriculture and variety of dishes were made of it, from soups to porridges and desserts. Later, with the spread of immigration, together with the Scottish people, the recipe of oat cookies has traveled across the seas and has become very popular. In fact, in twentieth century in was rather popular in Australia and New Zealand since this dish has few advantages. It could be saved for a relatively long time, it’s nutritious and very balanced. Later, hermetically sealed packing was invented and cookies could be stored for a longer time. Let’s be honest, some of us still love these yummy cities from our childhood, isn't that true? Well, let us show how to cock it! But at first, a few words on the healthy features of the oatmeal cookies

    • Researches say that several oat cookies can substitute a plate of oatmeal. Therefore, your daily diet can be expanded with them.
    • Oat itself improves your digestion and fosters and helps to clean out your organism;
    • The fibers of oat contain antioxidants that reduce the impact of free radicals on your body;
    • The minerals contained in the oat cookies help to keep fir and to maintain your body and muscles in perfect condition;

    This list could go on almost indefinitely. But our purpose is not only to make  you sure that homemade oat biscuits are healthy and their recipe is an essential for you, but also to show how to cook them. And that's what we’ll do now. In this review, you will find the delicious oatmeal cookies, their recipe and photos.

    Ingredients for oatmeal cookies:

    • 2 eggs
    • 300 grams of oat flakes
    • a cup of sugar
    • 200 grams of wheat flour
    • 220 grams of butter
    • a teaspoon of baking powder
    • a teaspoon of ground cinnamon
    • a teaspoon of natural vanilla

    How to cook oat biscuits; recipe with pictures

    1. Prepare all the necessary products at first;

      First of all, prepare all the ingredients.

    2. Put some home-temperature butter in the deep bowl;

      Warm the butter and put it in the deep bowl. It shouldn’t melt.

    3. Add some sugar inside;

      Combine butter with sugar powder.

    4. Now break two eggs and add them aside;

      Add two eggs.

    5. Now, whip everything up with mixer;

      Whip all the ingredients.

    6. In a separate pot, combine the following: flour, biking powder, cinnamon and vanilla;

      Combine flour with baking powder, vanilla and cinnamon.

    7. Now, add flour substance to the dough;

      All the ingredients should be combined with dough and whipped with mixer.

    8. It’s time to add oat flakes and whip it with a fork;

      Now it’s time to add the oat flakes.

    9. Whip the dough thoroughly so that it looks like on the photo;

      The ready dough should just like on the picture.

    10. Lay the over-tray with parchment and place there cookies with a spoon leaving the space of about one inch between them;

      Now place the cookies of the same form on the parchment and leave some space between each of them.

    11. To avoid the mistakes, follow our recommendations carefully;

      Look on the picture and see if you’ve got it the same.

    12. Bake the oat biscuits at 360F for 12 minutes;

      They should be baked for 12 minutes at 360F.

    13. Before you serve the cookies, sprinkle it with sugar powder and almond chips;

      The cookies taste great both hot and cold. We recommend you to serve it with dried fruits and almond flakes.

    This is it, everything is ready now. As you might have noticed, there’s nothing difficult here. Furthermore, you may cook dietetic oat biscuits or oatmeal cookies without flour - it’s up to you! We hope you enjoyed the experience of cooking and we’re looking forward to your original recipes! See you later on HozOboz!

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