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Mussels in creamy sauce

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 163
  • Protein: 6.5
  • Fats: 12
  • Carbohydrates: 6

    We are glad to meet again, dear readers. Today we are cooking mussels in a creamy sauce. And even to clarify - mussels in a creamy garlic sauce. Despite the not quite traditional combination, the taste of this snack is simply divine. Many people love it and therefore cook it with pleasure. However, not everyone knows the exact recipe, and therefore mussels in a creamy sauce are not always tasty. We promise that after our review, this trouble will be over. In the meantime, a little about the history of the dish.

    History of the dish

    Mussels are the family name for bivalve mollusks that live in both salty and fresh environments. Mussels are grown everywhere, but France, or rather two of its regions: Poitou-Charentes and Normandy, is rightfully considered their homeland. It is mollusks that grow best and for a reason, in these places the most favorable tidal strip is located. They are grown in different ways and it’s definitely not worth dwelling on this as part of a separate recipe.

    Today we are interested in a very specific way of preparing them - mussels in a creamy sauce in a pan, or as they are called in the original moules a la creme. And here it is worth noting that in addition to the cream itself in mussels, according to tradition, it is also customary to add white wine, chopped parsley, shallots and garlic. We also used a lot from this list and will start cooking right now. Here are our mussels in a creamy garlic sauce and their recipe.


    • Frozen mussels - 400 g
    • Cream 20% - 200 ml
    • Garlic - 2 cloves
    • Olive oil - 3 tbsp. l.
    • Parsley - for serving

    How to cook

    1. In order to cook mussels in a creamy garlic sauce, we need these ingredients.

      First of all, prepare the necessary products

    2. Pour olive oil into a heated saucepan, fry the chopped garlic a little - literally 1 minute, no more.

      In olive oil, warm up and fry the garlic for a minute.

    3. Put the mussels in a saucepan and fry them for about 5-6 minutes.

      Spread the mussels to the garlic and fry together for about 5 minutes

    4. Pour in the cream, bring to a boil and remove from heat. We do not add salt, mussels are quite salty on their own.

      Now it's time to pour the cream, boil and remove the dish from the heat.

    5. Transfer the still hot dish to the serving dish.

      Move the mussels to the dishes and serve

    6. Decorate with parsley and serve. Enjoy your meal!

      Don't forget to sprinkle with chopped parsley before serving

    The benefits of the dish

    It's not that I'm a fan of fatty foods, but I find it so warm and warming. It seems that paired with fragrant white wine, mussels with creamy sauce in shells or without them can create a real festive mood in a matter of minutes. So I definitely recommend it to you. Do you cook mussels in shells or without, in a creamy sauce or tomato sauce, or maybe with Provence herbs? Tell us about your experience, we will be happy. Your HozOboz!

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