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Mushroom risotto

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    Today we offer you to talk about one of the best Italian recipes. Of course, it’s mushromm risotto. No Italian or just a lover of Italian cuisine will never confuse this  a real mushroom risotto and its original recipe with regular boiled rice. By the way, this culinary masterpiece hides a great number of special tips. If you ignore one of them, the taste will be absolutely changed. Moreover, it’s even harder to cook it well in absence of spices and seasonings. Therefore, rich flavor is achieved through the balance of main ingredients.

    Risotto should be both creamy and cheesy, enough boiled and simultaneously well flavored by mushrooms. Furthermore, in this review we will certainly dwell on the history of the dish and talk on its benefits.

    History of risotto

    Risotto us is basically a rice cooked in accordance with a special recipe. Only some kinds of rice are great for risotto. Moreover, it’s not cooked in water as we’re used to. First it should he fried in olive oil and then cooked slowly evaporating and constantly pouring broth or water. Thus, in two - three steps will make the rice al dente, then add the some Parmesan cheese, saffron etc., depending on the type of risotto you choose to cook.

    There are two stories on the invention of risotto. The first says that Arabs were first to cultivate rice and then it traveled to Italy across the Mediterranean. Then it was found out that the Italian climate was ideal for growing rice. Legend says that it was the rice became an essential product for Italians whiteout which the life couldn't be imagined without during the survival in the post-war times in the northern parts of the country.

    In another story, risotto has appeared by accident. One of the chefs forgot the rice soup on the heat and went to his neighbor. When he came back, it turned out that all of the water evaporated and the rice became soft and saturated with the scent of the other products have been added to the dish. And now, a few words on the benefits of mushroom risotto.

    The benefits of the mushroom risotto

    First of all, the core product itself. Let's talk about the rice. Only a few particular kinds of rice are used for risotto in Italy. Usually, Arborio is the most popular but Carnaroli is widely used as well. The first one is considered to be better due to the high starch content which allows to cook it quickly and easily. It's often used to cook some classic recipes: risotto milanese, mushroom risotto or just with spices. Carnaroli is more popular in Italy. This kind of rice is smaller in size and has lower starch content. This rice is usually used to make risotto with fish and meat. However, the chefs prefer the rice called Vialone Nano. It is not just the starchy, it is almost creamy, so that the taste turns out to be especially tender, but it’s much more difficult to cook it than previous two options.

    The rice is actually extremely useful for the health of the cardiovascular system, it promotes the excretion of salts of the body, as well as the elimination of halitosis. Mushrooms have a unique balanced composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms include as much as 18 amino acids, without which any organism does not function normally. The Parmesan  cheese is undoubtedly excellent: it’s high-protein, includes fatty acids and has no cholesterol. The most visible elements in its composition are calcium,  phosphorus and sodium. So put all these products together and you’ll get both amazing taste and healthy properties. Well, that’s is for now, let’s proceed  to the the recipe with pictures for our mushroom risotto.

    Ingredients for the mushroom risotto:

    • 150 grams of Arborio rice
    • 150 grams of Wild mushrooms
    • 150 g of parmesan cheese
    • 1 Onion
    • 30-50 ml of olive oil

    How to cook mushroom risotto:

    1. Prepare all the necessary products;

      Have all the the necessary ingredients ready.

    2. Fry some chopped onions with mushrooms in the olive oil;

      Now, spread chopped onion and mushrooms in the pan with olive oil and fry it.

    3. Add some rice and keep frying;

      Add some rice in the pan and fry it with olive oil for a couple of minutes.

    4. Fry rice with mushrooms;

      Fry rice with mushrooms and keep stirring for a few minutes.

    5. Now, pour some broth or water into the pan and just give it to evaporate, then repeat a few times until the rice is cooked;

      Add a little bit of liquid (broth or water). Evaporate the liquid and top up again with some more water until cooked.

    6. When the rice is ready, add some grated parmesan;

      Now, once your rice is ready, add some grated parmesan.

    7. Now, give your risotto a little stir with cheese and immediately put the dish on the table;

      The ready risotto should be thoroughly mixed with cheese and immediately served.

    8. Enjoy your fantastic delicious risotto. Hot risotto may be either a perfect lunch or a hearty dinner.

      Bon Appetite!

    That's basically all we wanted to tell you about the Italian legendary mushroom risotto recipe. We hope that you will certainly try to cook it according to our instruction. Write and send us a picture of your personal experience, we’re looking forward to your letters. Always yours, HozOboz.

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