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Layered salad with chicken

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  • Fats: 10.85
  • Carbohydrates: 11.62
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    Cлоеный салат с курицей

    Chicken meat is a frequent "guest" in a variety of dishes. With such an ingredient, the first courses are good, and secondly, it harmoniously combines with many ingredients, and wonderful pastries come out with this product! Yes, and many salads are not complete without the presence of chicken meat.

    For implementation, we want to offer you a recipe for puff juicy chicken salad, which will be a wonderful appetizer at a festive feast. You can cook a delicious puff salad with chicken in portions using a culinary ring, or in a salad bowl that is suitable in shape. Boiled chicken in our salad will "coexist" with raw carrots, boiled eggs, cheese, prunes. Such a product set guarantees you an excellent result! By the way, it is not necessary to use boiled chicken, you can replace it with smoked chicken, then the puff new salad with smoked chicken will have a different taste. In general, cook with pleasure!

    History of the dish

    The history of lettuce goes back hundreds of years. Even the ancient Romans admired a variety of salads, which, of course, were significantly different from the modern representatives of this dish. Since ancient times, the composition of salads mainly included vegetables, and refueled exclusively with oil or vinegar. Only the chef's skill and creativity in the kitchen led to the appearance of the famous Olivier, mimosa, and fur coat. These three dishes are three whales among salads. And since improvisation is common in the kitchen, today we have the opportunity to create salad masterpieces on our own.


    • Chicken meat (boiled) - 200 g;
    • Chicken egg (boil in advance) - 2 pieces;
    • Cheese (sausage, we have smoked flavor) - 100 g;
    • Carrots (fresh) - 1 piece;
    • Prunes (pitted) - 8-10 pieces;
    • Mayonnaise (you can use any) - 80 g;
    • Salt - as needed.


    1. In order to prepare a delicious puff salad with boiled chicken and cheese, eggs, carrots, prunes, we take the ingredients from the list in the right amount. A chicken breast or a leg can act as a chicken ingredient. The chicken will need to be pre-boiled, slightly salting the water. By the way, you can use the remaining chicken broth for sale and cook a light soup on it, for example. Chicken eggs should also be boiled. Pay attention to prunes. It is better to soak the dried fruit ahead of time in hot boiled water, then drain the water and dry the prunes.

      We prepare the ingredients for the salad

    2. When all the ingredients are prepared, you can begin to form a salad dish. We shift the piece of chicken meat to the cutting surface, cut it into small pieces.

      Grind chicken meat

    3. Lay out the chicken cut with the first layer and grease it with a little mayonnaise.

      Cover the chicken layer with mayonnaise

    4. The next layer is from fresh carrots. We clean it, grind it with a grater.

      Chop carrots

    5. Place carrot slices on the chicken layer, cover it with mayonnaise as well.

      We spread the carrot row

    6. Next in line is a layer of boiled eggs. We clean the product from the shell. Grind with a coarse grater

      We rub the eggs

    7. Form a layer of eggs. Do not forget to walk on this layer with mayonnaise.

      We spread the egg layer, grease it with mayonnaise

    8. Let's move on to chopping prunes. We spread it on a cutting surface, cut into thin pieces-bars.

      Chop prunes

    9. Lay out a layer of dried prunes. Again, mayonnaise.

      We spread a row of prunes + mayonnaise

    10. We only have cheese. Grind it using a grater. The cells of the grater should be small.

      We rub cheese

    11. With the cheese chips that we got in the process, we cover the top of our puff salad. We no longer use mayonnaise.

      We spread the cheese layer

    12. Hooray, our layered chicken salad is ready!

      Bon Appetit everyone!

    The benefits of the dish

    We have prepared together an excellent layered chicken + cheese + eggs salad, which has its own useful qualities. Of course, the main ingredient of the dish is boiled chicken. This product is considered dietary, it contains a lot of substances and minerals that are useful for our body. Boiled chicken meat is useful for recuperation. Other components of our salad “do not lag behind” in terms of usefulness: eggs, prunes, carrots. If you are not satisfied with the mayonnaise in the salad, with which the layers are smeared, then you can completely replace this dressing with low-fat sour cream.

    We have finished cooking puff salad with chicken with a photo according to the presented recipe. It is worth noting that this is just one of many gastronomic variations in cooking such a dish. Of course, you can diversify the composition of the ingredients and make, for example, a layered salad with chicken and canned pineapples, or include mushrooms, resulting in a delicious layered salad with chicken and pickled mushrooms. In our recipe, we used sausage cheese with a smoked flavor; hard cheese such as "Russian", "Parmesan", "Dutch" and similar ones are also suitable. Happy snacking everyone!

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