• Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 311
  • Protein: 9
  • Fats: 14
  • Carbohydrates: 35

    Morning. Coffee. Croissant. These three words go perfect together. And it is obvious, because these are the morning essential for a lot of people. We just need coffee to wake ourselves up. And a coffee requires fresh pastries. Cottage cheese kifli with (recipe and photos by HozOboz) is just what you need now. Beautiful, delicious and fragrant. By the way, if you think you can't get fresh kifli with your morning coffee because it’s necessary to prepare them the night before, you are wrong. These croissants are prepared very quickly - you will only need to mix all the ingredients to mold a product and put it in the oven.

    The history of kifli

    There are several versions of the origin of this wonderful kind of baking. In particular, there is a story which states that the kifli were baked for the first time back in 1686. Celebrating the liberation of the city of Buda from the Ottoman Empire,  an unnamed baked prepared a moon-shaped pastry , just as in the Ottoman flag. Another version of the same legend says that the baker lived in Vienna (or in Budapest), and in 1683, during the Turkish siege, heard a noise and immediately raised the alarm.

    It was then figured out that the Turkish were trying to sneak through the tunnel in Vienna. In gratitude, Baker was awarded with the right to bakecrescent-shaped kifli, as a reminiscence of his courage. Stories are rather interesting, but the historian Carl Teplá  has easily refuted them at the end of the last century when the had found the first mention of a horn-shaped confectionery dated back to the XII century! So kifli are rather ancient product.

    In general, there’s a plenty of similar pastries. Kifli are made of yeast dough as well as puff and shortcrust. Today we will prepare them with baking powder, so you are likely to get a great dish afterwards. Believe us, you’ve never cooked something so delicious for such a short period of time!

    Benefit for your health

    First and foremost, kifli are made of curd dough. It's not a joke - almost half a kilo of cheese! And this product, as HozOboz has already mentioned, retains practically the initial amount of calcium even after the heat treatment. Therefore, these cheese kifli recipe will be just in time for mothers whose babies do not eat cheese for any reason. And, of course, all those who need strength and energy  are required to eat cakes. And if you’re trying to keep fir, it is better to eat them in the morning so that you don’t gain some more kilos.

    Ingredients for kifli:

    • 400 grams of cottage cheese
    • 150 grams of butter
    • 1/3 tsp of salt
    • 1.5 tsp of baking powder
    • 1/2 cup of brown sugar
    • 2 cups of flour

    Preparation of Kifli (croissant):

    1. First, rub the curd through a sieve. You can use cheese ricotta, then there is no need to use a sieve.

      Cottage cheese should be rubbed through a sieve.

    2. Add butter to the curd, preferably not very cold.

      Add some butter to the cottage cheese.

    3. Carefully rub the cheese and butter until smooth.

      Mix everything until smooth consistency.

    4. Add some salt now.

      Season with salt the cottage cheese with dough.

    5. Then add the baking powder.

      Pour a little baking powder to the dough.

    6. Then add the sugar, preferably brown so that the dough acquired caramel color. However, you can use the traditional white sugar.

      Pour white or brown sugar.

    7. Everything should be thoroughly mixed.

      Mix all the ingredients.

    8. Slowly add the flour. Usually, two glasses suffice, but, depending on the fat and moisture content of cottage cheese, you may still need some more flour.

      Some flour in. Usually it is 2 cups, but you might need more.

    9. As a result, you’ll get curd dough for kifli that shouldn't stick to your hands.

      Now, hand knead a soft dough which should not stick to hands.

    10. Sprinkle the surface with flour.

      Working surface should be sprinkled with flour.

    11. Divide the dough into two equal parts.

      Dough should be divided in halves.

    12. Roll out each piece in a big circle.

      Then roll out each of the halves.

    13. Sprinkle the dough with sugar, but it is not necessary. You may use chopped nuts for this.

      Then sprinkle it with sugar.

    14. Cut the circle into sixteen equal parts as shown in the photo.

      Now, divide the dough into 16 parts as is shown in the photo.

    15. Each triangle should be rolled f in the tube from the outer edge to the inner.

      Each of the small triangles should be rolled into a tube, from a broad to a narrow edge.

    16. The first is done! It should look like on the photo.

      Check if it’s like in the picture.

    17. Spread kifli on an oven tray  covered with parchment. Put it in the oven for about 20 minutes (maybe a little less, it all depends on the oven). Baking temperature is about 360F.

      Baking tray should be covered with parchment. Put the pastries on it . Bake them at 360 degrees for 20 minutes.

    18. Curd dough kifli recipe by HozOboz is over now. The dish is ready, take it out from the oven. Let it cool before serving and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

      Ready-made kifli should be cooled before serving and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

    So, curd dough kifli are ready now. This is the basic recipe, but next time you can cook curd kifli with filling. For example, you may choose curd kifli with apples or jam, there’s a variety of options. Hope you enjoyed the latest recipe by HozOboz! We’re looking froward to your letters with personal recipes! Always yours, HozOboz

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