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Khanum with meat

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    Ханум с мясом

    Dear subscribers of hozOboz, today we will go to Uzbekistan to a large and tasty bazaar. Fragrant food is an integral part of all the bazaars of the East. Women selling homemade goodies and satiety are everywhere here. Based on the smell, we settled on a very amazing dish. Uzbek khanum is an oriental national dish, which is a steam roll made from unleavened dough and stuffing soaked in aromatic herbs.

    A bit of history

    The recipe for khanum can easily be confused with the instructions for preparing ordinary Uzbek manti, which came to us from the Uighur Autonomous Region of China. However, khanum is rather a big, lazy steam manti, only roll-shaped, and, by the way, in China this roll is called hunon. So it turns out that khanum is not the only name for a steam roll. You will be surprised to learn that a simple steam roll has many complicated names. For example, khanym, burma, kyrkabat, oromo, or urama, which means “wrapped” in translation, is also khanum.

    The correct Uzbek khanum or lazy manti is a combination of dough with lamb or potato filling and spices inside. But, for example, in Tashkent, most hostesses use carrots to make homemade khanum - this incredibly bright vegetable ingredient, along with taste, decorates the filling from the inside and gives the dough a yellowish tint already during the cooking process. We decided that we would certainly use carrots for the preparation of our steam roll, however, we would replace fatty lamb with lean veal.


    For minced meat:

    • 600 g of young veal;
    • 1 large carrot;
    • 45 g fat tail fat;
    • 2-3 bulbs;
    • 1 st. a spoonful of mayonnaise or butter;
    • Dill, salt, ground cumin, paprika.

    For test:

    • 500-600 g of fine flour;
    • 95 ml of cold water;
    • 1 small chicken egg;
    • ½ tsp salt.

    Cooking method:

    1. We suggest that you first prepare the filling for lazy manti. We wash the veal in running water and chop it into pieces so that it is convenient to pass through a meat grinder.

      For the filling, wash and cut the veal into portions.

    2. We clean the onion and carrot and also cut into pieces for further transformation into minced meat.

      We also clean and cut carrots and onions for further processing in a meat grinder.

    3. We twist the carrots into a bowl first, and here the meat ingredients, alternating the pulp with fat tail fat.

      First, we pass the carrot through the meat grinder, then we twist the meat and fat tail fat into the same container.

    4. Next comes the onion.

      Lastly chop the onion.

    5. We add eggs to the main ingredients and be sure to add salt and aromatic spices - ground paprika mixed with cumin. We decide on the amount of spices ourselves.

      Add eggs to the minced meat, and then salt and various seasonings to taste.

    6. Add mayonnaise and dill chopped with a knife, which, like spices, put into the filling as you wish. We mix everything and leave for a short while, giving the minced meat the opportunity to get enough of the aroma of seasonings.

      We put mayonnaise and, if desired, chopped dill, and then leave the minced meat to set.

    7. The next equally important step in the preparation of the Uzbek khanum is the dough. If you are used to working with flour first, then do as you see fit. We just wanted to make the most of our free time. Sift flour and salt into a deep bowl.

      Let's do the dough and for this we sift the flour into a bowl, mixing it with salt.

    8. We break a warm egg.

      We introduce a chicken egg into the dough.

    9. Pour cold water.

      Now add cool water.

    10. Knead for 15 minutes a very tight, but at the same time elastic dough, as for ordinary manti. Wrap the dough in cling film and place in the freezer for five minutes.

      Now knead all the ingredients into a stiff dough, which is then placed in the freezer for about 5 minutes.

    11. We take the gingerbread man onto the work surface and cut it into two equal parts, each of which is rolled out with a rolling pin sprinkled with flour into a ton cake with a diameter of 50-60 cm.

      Divide the finished dough into two parts and roll each piece into a layer with a diameter about 50 cm.

    12. Distribute the filling on top with a thin layer, but so that there is a small distance from the edge to the stuffing.

      We distribute the filling on each layer, as in the photo.

    13. Picking up a round layer of dough on one side, carefully wrap it into a roll. Immediately form the second roll, in a similar way.

      We wrap each flatbread with minced meat in a roll.

    14. We define the “lazy blanks” on the greased steamer grates and place them in the steamer pan. Do not forget in advance to boil water in the pan. The khanum dish is steamed for an hour at an average heating temperature.

      Lubricate the capacity of the double boiler with fat and place the roll on it. We put the dish in a pot of boiling water on a sexual bath and cook for about 1 hour.

    15. For a dinner party, we serve lazy manti hot in the form of a steam roll, the recipe of which, in fact, we reviewed today. We choose flat plates, and in the center we place a gravy boat with tomato ketchup or sour cream, which we decorate with a leaf of curly parsley.

      Serve khanum in a roll. It is best to eat such manti with a delicious sauce that is placed on the same plate in a gravy boat. As soon as all the guests are seated at the table, cut the Uzbek khanum with meat and carrots into rings with a hot knife - 3-4 wide pieces per serving. 

    Dish options

    For the preparation of steam rolls, potato filling is used, as well as pumpkin, cabbage, combined with minced meat. Moreover, meat, as was done with us, can be diversified, replacing, for example, lamb with beef or in equal parts of both.

    About the benefits

    Khanum is a steam dish, and we believe this is the first and main benefit. Moreover, his dough does not contain muffin at all, with the exception of one tiny egg, and is kneaded without yeast - this is the second, no less important point. As for the minced meat, which is the filling of the Uzbek khanum, it was prepared from the freshest meat ingredients. Dishes from twisted meat, of course, are digested better than a regular piece, even the most lean and dietary veal.
    The filling also includes carrots, which, when boiled, are more beneficial than any other, because after heat treatment, the amount of antioxidants in carrots increases - this is the third usefulness - this is another important usefulness of khanum.

    Everyone understands everything about onions and spices, but in short: spices are excellent helpers in depression, and onions are a natural protector against microbes and viruses. This concludes our amazing excursion into the world of healthy oriental cuisine recipes, but to find out what other interesting national dishes are hidden in our culinary notebooks, you will have to come back here.

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