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Juicy pork chops in a pan

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 363
  • Protein: 19
  • Fats: 24
  • Carbohydrates: 15

    Hello friends. Today we are preparing a classic - juicy pork chops fried in a pan according to a proprietary recipe from KhozOboz. This is the dish that every person has tried at least once, if not more than once in his life. It may not be called the same everywhere, but it is loved by everyone, almost without exception. The very recipe for tender pork chops, which we cook in a pan in the old fashioned way, will follow in this review further, but for now, by tradition, let's talk about the history and characteristics of individual representatives of the glorious family.

    History of the dish

    We can safely say that the ancestors of our proletarian chop were the Viennese schnitzel and the Milanese chop. The creators of both are by no means ready to hand over the palm to their rivals. They are extremely proud of their schnitzel in Austria - without exaggeration, it is a visiting card of the national cuisine. The schnitzel itself is a piece of veal fried in a crispy breading. Translated into Russian, schnitzel is nothing more than just a tenderloin. But despite the simplicity and popularity, not everything in this story is so simple.

    So the Italians believe that they invented the chop and argue for this by the presence of a Milanese chop in their national cuisine, which differs from the Viennese schnitzel only by the presence of a bone. And the Austrians are in no hurry to agree with this fact, insisting on their own. Be that as it may, thank all of them for the fact that we now know what our domestic chop is, which will be discussed further. Now and not a minute later, we will tell you the preparation of a pork chop in a pan and offer a photo recipe for it.


    • Pork (sirloin) - 400 g
    • Egg (c1) - 2 pcs.
    • Flour - 4-5 tablespoons
    • Breadcrumbs - 4-5 tablespoons
    • Ground black pepper - 1⁄2 tsp
    • Salt - 1⁄2 tsp
    • Vegetable oil - for frying


    1. Let's prepare the ingredients. Rinse the pork tenderloin.

      To cook a pork chop in a pan, as in the photo, for a start, prepare a pork tenderloin: wash and dry with a towel

    2. Cut the pork into slices 4-5 mm thick with a sharp knife.

      Now the meat must be divided into pieces about 5 cm thick

    3. Beat each slice well with a culinary hammer to a thickness of 1-2 mm.

      Do not forget to beat off each workpiece with a hammer to a thickness of about 1-2 cm

    4. Drive eggs into a bowl, add salt and pepper.

      Prepare ice cream: mix eggs with salt and pepper

    5. Whisk everything until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

      Whisk well

    6. Pour flour and bread crumbs into flat plates. First, roll the beaten piece of meat in a plate with flour. Then dip it in the egg mixture.

      Prepare bread crumbs and flour in separate plates. Now we dip the meat first in flour, and then in ice cream

    7. Then roll in breadcrumbs on all sides.

      Now well roll the chop in crackers

    8. In a frying pan, heat the vegetable oil over medium heat, lay out the breaded pork slice and fry it until golden brown, first on one side.

      In heated vegetable oil, fry the chop until golden brown

    9. Then turn over and fry on the other side until golden brown.

      And now we turn the meat over and fry again until golden brown

    10. Put the finished pork chop on a paper napkin or towel to remove excess oil.

      We place the ready-made chop on a napkin and get rid of excess fat

      11. Then transfer to a serving plate.

      And now everything is ready and we can confidently assert that we were able to adequately cook pork chops in a pan

    The benefits of the dish

    This is one of those recipes where it is difficult, if not impossible, to talk about the benefits of a dish. Fried meat, breaded, in oil. In short, a complete set of not very healthy and not very healthy food. Nevertheless, at least one plus is still there - taste! Crispy, juicy, mouth-watering and highly tempting, a chop can dramatically improve your mood and provide a great filling dinner or lunch under any circumstance. And this, guys, is already a reason to learn how to make pork chops in a pan. And we gladly helped you with this. In turn, we are waiting for help from you. We really miss interesting and creative culinary solutions. We will be glad to cooperate and be grateful for good advice. Let's be friends. Your HozOboz!

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