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Homemade coconut milk recipe

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 244
  • Protein: 2,5
  • Fats: 24
  • Carbohydrates: 3,5

    We are happy to welcome you back to HozOboz. We are proud to present to your attention a great option to diversify your diet. Cooking coconut homemade coconut milk today and the recipe for it in our review right now. And even if it seems to you that its preparation was invented by nature itself, there are still some subtleties that can be observed to make this product especially interesting. This is not really about the liquid that is extracted from the coconut after opening it, but rather about the one that can be deliciously prepared using the gifts of the coconut palm. But first, let's talk about the plant itself and its features.

    History of the dish

    Coconut milk is a product that is obtained from the processing of the pulp of a coconut, not to be confused with coconut water, which is simply enclosed inside the fruit. Milk is characterized by a dense white starchy color, which is due to the high content of coconut oil in the pulp. This is a tasty, satisfying and high-calorie product, which, meanwhile, is also suitable for dietary nutrition in reasonable quantities. Oriental cuisine and the cuisine of the peoples of Asia cannot do without such coconut milk. Coconut milk is also often used to make animal milk substitutes, especially for vegetarians and vegans. For the first time, Thais began to eat it and then coconut milk was called "santan". We decided to master the coconut milk recipe at home simply because it is very tasty. We hope you enjoy it too.


    • Coconut - 2 pcs. (800 g)
    • Water - 250 ml


    1. Prepare the ingredients.

      Let's prepare the necessary products

    2. Pour the coconut liquid into the mug by poking one of the holes in the coconut with a sharp knife. We will peel the coconut from the shell.

      Pour coconut water into a container with high sides and peel the coconut itself from the shell

    3. Remove the brown skin from the coconut pulp, wash, cut into small cubes.

      Cut the pulp into small pieces

    4. Put the cubes in a blender bowl, add coconut liquid, run the device for 60 seconds.

      Put the pulp and coconut juice in a blender and turn on the knives for about 1 minute

    5. We will get coconut flakes.

      As a result, the pieces will turn into chips

    6. Which we put in a bowl and fill with freshly boiled water. Let's leave it alone for 30 minutes.

      Now we shift the puree from the pulp into a bowl and pour boiling water over it

    7. Then we will kill the coconut mass with a submersible blender.

      We thoroughly interrupt the contents with an immersion blender

    8. After that, put the coconut mass on cheesecloth, folded in several layers, and squeeze out the liquid - this is coconut milk.

      And now we discard all the beauty on the gauze folded three times and squeeze out the actual milk

    9. Immediately use coconut milk - it is stored for a very short time.

      We drink immediately, because the product is stored for a very short time.

The benefits of the dish

    Coconut milk is one of the leaders in the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and microelements. Regular consumption of it in food will help the gastrointestinal tract to work properly and in general tones the body, giving it strength for proper functioning. But all this is so only if coconut milk, or rather the recipe for its preparation, does not contain preservatives, as at home. In another case, the harm can not only level out, but even exceed the potential benefit. Keep this in mind when choosing outlandish foods to eat. Do you often use unusual foods in your diet? If so, which ones and how do you prepare them? It is very interesting for us and our readers to learn about your experience. Tell us, and we will certainly post your story on the site. We are about benefit and real fun. Your HozOBoz!

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