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Home made ricotta

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  • Protein: 11
  • Fats: 13
  • Carbohydrates: 3,5
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    Hello friends. Today our hero is homemade rocotta cheese. Such a tasty and aromatic cheese can be a great addition to salads, sandwiches or the basis for antipasti appetizers, which are so popular in Italian cuisine. And therefore, the recipe for homemade rocotta cheese will be very useful in the arsenal of any housewife. And we will certainly get down to cooking, but not right now, while a few words about history.

    History of the dish

    The first thing that seems strange is that ricotta itself is not cheese at all. And this product is not only Italian, contrary to all our usual ideas, but with Arabic roots. In the classic version, ricotta is a kind of cheese that is made from the whey of cheese cooked earlier. In other words, recycled. This is where the name itself comes from, which literally translates from Italian as “twice cooked”. Nevertheless, the first historical facts confirming the creation of a wonderful ricotta cheese refer to the Arabic literature of the 11th century, namely to the works of the theologian Abu-l-Hasan. The scientist described in great detail the process of preparing this particular product.

    When cooking the cheese itself, a lot of terms are also used from the Arabic language. There is an opinion, with which many culinary historians agree, according to which it was from the Arabs that ricotta began its triumphant march around the world. But for its popularity, homemade whey ricotta cheese thanks the Italians, who turned it almost into a philosophy. True, today it doesn’t matter to anyone who invented this wonderful product - homemade roar cheese, we all just love it and that’s enough. And therefore, let's not delay and start cooking rocotta cheese at home and offer you its recipe.


    • Whole milk - 1 l
    • Cream 33% - 150 ml
    • Lemon juice - 1 tbsp. l.

    Cooking method

    1. In order to get homemade ricotta cheese according to the traditional recipe, you need whey from making soft cheese. But, there is a much easier and faster way to get homemade ricotta cheese. Milk is heated to 60 degrees. If you do not have a special thermometer, you will have to navigate intuitively. Milk at this temperature is hot.

      First of all, we need milk heated to 60 degrees

    2. Ricotta cheese can be made at home by adding cream to hot milk.

      Homemade ricotta cheese can be made from hot milk with cream added

    3. Heat the contents of the pan a little more and add lemon juice.

      And now heat the milk with cream and add lemon juice

    4. While stirring the milk, keep it on fire. As soon as it curdles, remove the pan from the heat.

      Constantly stirring, leave the milk on the fire and as soon as the process of folding begins, remove the pan from the heat

    5. Curdled milk must be filtered through gauze.

      Milk should be spilled through cheesecloth and cheese should be deposited

    6. We do not pour out the whey, you can bake pancakes and pancakes on it.

      We leave the whey for pancakes

    7. Place the cheese in a separate bowl, put in the refrigerator.

      Transfer the cheese itself to a tray and place it in the refrigerator

    8. A few hours in the refrigerator - and ricotta cheese is ready at home, the recipe of which does not require special skills.

      Already in a couple of hours you can try the cheese and call everyone for tea

    The benefits of the dish

    Are dairy products healthy? Yes, definitely and even very much so. And sour-milk products are useful to everyone without exception, since whole milk is not digested by everyone and not always. These are useful with huge reserves of vitamins and trace elements, and they are also easily accepted by the body, for which they are very revered in dietary nutrition. Do you make cheese? If so, which one. Why do you love cheese? Tell us and let's cook something together. It's very fun and entertaining. Your HozOboz!

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