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Greek flatbread

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    In this review, we pay tribute to national cuisines of the world and today we focus on Greece. The dish of the day is Greek flatbread.  We’ve chosen it on it because making home-made bread is still a problem for many housewives. Furthermore, the process that most people are simply scared of needs a lot of time and the result does not always live up to expectations. And, most importantly, the bread is not the best friend of your body shape, so you can not eat it that much and should consume less frequently. And what about those who can not imagine their lives without bread? There is a solution for them - Greek flatbread recipe which is simple yet tasty. If you still have some doubts concerning the dish, we list you some arguments in its favor:

    • The faltered does not require any special skills and ability to work with yeast dough;
    • All the preparations before cooking take no more than 10 minutes;
    • Dough used for Greek flatbread needs no time melt;
    • The flatbread is not that unhealthy since it does not feature any fat other than oil;
    • Greek bread does not get stale for a long time and can be used later.

    Generally, such a bread is a common dish in many countries. The Greeck flatbreads are almost as popular as pita, Armenian lavash, khachapuri, and more. Today we tell you about the Greek flatbread, so the review will highlight its history and the characteristic of the products used for cooking.

    The history of the dish

    First of all, Greece has been turkish territory for many years been until in 1830 the occupation finally ended. As a result, Greek cuisine was very similar to Turkish one, and many tourists visiting both states simply confirm it. That's why nobody is surprised with Greeks' love for casseroles, they even have their own - moussaka.

    In Greece this dish is cooked in a hundred of different ways from roasting the vegetables to cooking them with phyllo dough, another traditional Greek invention. However, it should be noted that there are some know-how which relate exclusively to the Greek cuisine. Naturally, the olives and olive oil, as well as Greek yogurt and feta cheese - all of them belong to this country’s culinary heritage. In our today's recipe we will use several of these important and healthy ingredients like yogurt and feta cheese.

    The health-enhancing features of flatbread

    But before cooking Greek bread, the recipe should be overviewed so that we  figure out the benefits of basic products used here.  Why  feta cheese is so healthy?  Feta cheese is true pride of Greece. The Greek word "feta" means "piece". The thing is, that that this cheese is actually made in pieces for many centuries. Homer’s poetry was the first to mention the feta cheese and the method of its preparation that is still not very different from the contemporary one. Now let's talk about the benefits that this product brings to our body. Firstly, this cheese it is an excellent source of digestible protein and thus it’s easily and quickly accepted by the body; secondly, the cheese contains tryptophan which improves your sleeping and calms your nervous system; thirdly, cheese is a source of calcium, and hence it is incredibly healthy for hair, nails and skin; Fourth, this cheese has no carbohydrates, so it can be easily eaten when dieting or doing some ports; Fifth, feta cheese is a natural probiotic, which means eating such a cheese can improve intestinal flora and fight bowel disorders. Therefore, it is obvious that feta cheese can be an excellent supplement for any dish.

    Why yogurt is so healthy? Yoghurt is an example of the interaction of different products for the best result. In this case, we are talking about products such as milk and live microorganism family of lactobacilli. During the fermentation process they are transformed into natural, tasty and exceptionally healthy yogurt, which can become not only a nourishing breakfast but and excellent basis for sauces, pastries and milkshakes. Talking about the benefits of yogurt, there are at least a few advantages of consuming it. The yogurt is digested much better than the milk itself; it is useful for colon cancer since it helps digestion and prevents the emergence and development of it; yogurt, as well as milk, is an excellent source of calcium; yogurt can suppress the development of fungal infections. This product is a valuable source of milk protein and it is able to reduce cholesterol levels.Thus, yogurt can reduce the risks of serious diseases. The pastries on the basis of yogurt are usually softer and better  kept than the one made from milk or even kefir.

    Naturally, these were not all there ingredients included in the recipe. Greek flatbread as a pit is impossible without flour, there are also eggs and baking powder .If you use high-quality natural ingredients, you can expect the benefit from each of them. No matter what, a healthy balanced diet does not involve any restrictions, because in almost every product of this recipe lies something healthy. The main thing to remember is that everything is good if you eat in moderate quantity, especially regarding high-calorie dishes. So, consume responsibly.
    Now it is time to move on to the recipe and learn how to cook Greek bread and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

    The ingredients for the Greek flatbread

    • 2 eggs
    • 100 grams of feta cheese
    • 100 grams flour
    • 250 grams of natural yogurt
    • some herbs and spices
    • a teaspoon of baking powder
    • a tablespoon of olive oil
    • a pinch salt

    How to cook Greek flatbread

    1. Prepare all the necessary products.

      All the ingredients should be ready.

    2. Now take a bowl for the dough and chop some feta cheese inside. Choose a dense and hard cheese and not very fat one. The best for this recipe will be goat, sheep or cow feta cheese;

      In a bowl, crumble some cheese.

    3. Now, when cheese is ready, add some flour. You may choose any flour you like:  wheat, corn, or bran;

      Now add the flour to the cheese.

    4. Afterwards, give it a little salt. But do not forget that feta is also quite salty, so before adding some, try cheese;

      Then, if necessary, if the cheese is not salty enough, add some salt to the dough.

    5. In addition, you can also add your favorite herbs and spices, this will give the bread a special taste and aroma;

      If you like, add some spices and herbs.

    6. Then, you need to pour yogurt to the dough, preferably home-made;

      Next. you need to pour 250 ml of home-made yogurt.

    7. It’s time to add chicken eggs right after the yogurt;

      Break the eggs into the dough.

    8. Then, add some baking powder to the dough;

      Finally, add the baking powder.

    9. After you have all the ingredients combined, mix them all;

      All the ingredients should be whipped.

    10. Now, pour some olive oil into the bowl;

      When the dough is ready, add a tablespoon or two of olive oil.

    11. Lay the overtly oven-tray with parchment and grease it with vegetable oil if you like;

      Lay the tray with parchment and grease with oil.

    12. Now pour the dough on the oven-tray and shape it;

      Put the ready-made dough on the oven-tray.

    13. Bake the flatbread for about 30-40 minutes at 360F;

      Preheat the oven at 360F and bake the flatbread for 30-40 minutes.

    14. Once the bread is ready, take it out and cool a bit. But do not remove it from the oven-tray;

      Please watch the bread and keep track of time.

    15. The Greek flatbread is great with salad and fresh veggies, you may cut it and roll into the tubule. You’ll definitely enjoy it.

      When it cools a bit, cut it into pieces and roll them. Serve with cheese, olives, fresh greens, meat and fish.

    As you might have noticed, Greek bread is so easy and quickly made. Moreover, you can keep it for quite a long time. You may serve it both cold and hot with any dish from veggies to meat with sauce. We hope you’ll find this recipe useful and please write us if you have something authentic and interesting. Let your culinary experience be a success. Cheer up and have no doubt to start cooking right now! Always yours, HozOboz.

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