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Fruits in jelly

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 458
  • Protein: 0.9
  • Fats: 36.1
  • Carbohydrates: 29
    Фрукты в желе

    What we will cook about today cannot be attributed either to main courses, or to appetizers, and even to desserts, only with a big stretch. Probably, many have already guessed that we are talking about jelly. Agree, this dish is not quite complete, although it tastes very pleasant and sometimes, if you have the right ingredients, even fragrant. But despite this fruit jelly, this dish is not for everyone. In our review, for convenience, we will attribute jelly and all its derivatives to desserts, so that it would be easier for you and us to navigate.

    And to complete the picture, according to the decision of the creative team of the jelly recipe site, we decided to diversify the addition of fruits and berries, so that from just a pleasant thing this dish would also become useful. So, this dessert is something between oriental sweets such as Turkish delight and the usual Soviet fruit and berry compote. Apparently, thanks to such a unique symbiosis, homemade jelly leaves no one indifferent - they either love it or hate it, and this, you see, suggests that the dish has its own flavor, and this is important.

    Today, some housewives make jelly from gelatin, adding syrups, jams, compotes, berries and fruits to it, but there are also especially lazy ones who use a special powder of sugar, dyes and flavor enhancers to prepare this dish. We hope there is no need to talk about which of the options is more useful. HozOboz today conducted a kind of experiment and added both jelly from the package and gelatin with syrup and berries to its jelly. So it will be easier for you to understand that in the process both will take the same amount of time and you should not resort to the participation of semi-finished products. But it will be a little later, but for now a little history.

    History of jelly

    Speaking about the history of jelly, we are certainly talking about the history of gelatin, because this dessert is, in fact, gelatin only with sugar and dyes, and sometimes with berries and syrups. People, and especially cooks, noticed the properties of some products to take the consistency of jelly in a crushed form many years ago, but then they did not know how to give similar qualities to absolutely all fruits and vegetables. But time passed, technologies gradually improved and researchers discovered a way to obtain a gelling agent from sturgeon air bubbles, but, as you yourself understand, it was, to put it mildly, not cheap, and therefore not accessible to everyone.

    Searches and research continued until in 1845, through the efforts of Peter Cooper, a patent was obtained for obtaining gelatin, and this is how the new gelling substance was called, from the waste of the meat industry. And no matter how wild it may sound, but in principle, sweet and tasty jelly is nothing more than part of the ears, hooves and skins of pigs. Isn't it amazing news?

    And even more interesting is that the creator of gelatin did not even enjoy the laurels of the great discoverer - he simply did not understand how to use his invention correctly and rationally. And only after more than half a century, everyone realized that gelatin can be used to create great desserts from any product. After all, jelly is not only berries with water, it is also everyone's favorite "bird's milk", and various milk panna cottas and puddings. But just think that without jelly all this could not even be invented.

    Agree, Mr. Cooper is worthy of respect and gratitude for this magnificent discovery, which brightened up the lives of millions of sweet teeth on the planet, who are also many among our readers. Today, there are so many recipes for this simple, but at the same time unusual dessert in the world that it is not even possible to count them, and making jelly has become an obligatory ritual in almost every home on the globe. And everyone knows how to make jelly and has their own unique recipe: they cook syrup in their own way, add unusual ingredients, pour it in layers or even obliquely - in short, pluralism and diversity reign in the world of desserts called homemade jelly.

    Some housewives claim that there is nothing better than apple jelly, others prefer pear and plum, and the third one even claims that it is much better to cook fruits in jelly, although, if you think about it, all these variations are, in fact, the same dish - fruit jelly, the recipe of which we intend to offer you today. And it’s not at all important what you put in your dessert, you need it to be tasty and look like jelly as in the photo - bright, shiny and appetizing. In general, cook in such a way that the expectations of the guests are not deceived, and behind the appearance there was not a picture, but a real delicious jelly. And we’ll talk about how to make gelatin jelly and in general about how to make real homemade jelly today after we discuss the benefits of this dish. This, perhaps, is all we wanted to tell you about the dish itself, and now it's time to learn how to make jelly at home.


    • Preparation for jelly - 1 package (for 400 ml of water)
    • Gelatin - 3 tablespoons
    • Pears - 3 pcs.
    • Raspberries - 15 pcs.
    • Cherry jam syrup - 100 ml
    • Water - 1 l
    • Lemon juice - 2 tablespoons

    How to make jelly, recipe with photo:

    1. First of all, let's prepare all the necessary products;

      Cooking products that will be needed for jelly

    2. Pour water into the ladle and put it on fire to heat it up to a temperature of 50 -60 degrees;

      We heat the water necessary for cooking to 60 degrees

    3. In a glass, dilute gelatin with hot water and let it dissolve completely;

      In hot water, but not boiling water, dissolve gelatin

    4. At this time, remove the water heated in the ladle from the fire and add the jelly blank;

      Add the jelly bought in the store to the heated water and stir until completely dissolved

    5. Now add lemon juice there and mix again;

      Squeeze a few tablespoons of lemon juice into a bucket of jelly

    6. After that, you should add the prepared jam syrup, we used cherry;

      Now add fruit jam syrup and stir again

    7. Now put a few pears in the ladle and return it to the stove again to stir in the melted gelatin, but in no case boil;

      We put the pan on the fire again, after adding a few pears first, and pour in the liquid gelatin from the glass. Be careful not to let the jelly boil!

    8. Now we lay out the chopped pears in bowls or glasses;

      Put the same number of pears in each jelly mold

    9. Put a few frozen raspberries on top, without defrosting them first;

      Now add three frozen raspberries to each glass

    10. At the end, fill everything with prepared jelly;

      It's time to pour the gelling liquid that we have prepared on the fruit

    11. The finished jelly, as our recipe with a photo says, should look shiny, bright and appetizing so that you immediately want to eat it.

      Let your jelly be as colorful and appetizing as in our photo

    What benefits does jelly hide

    We want to immediately reassure you and assure you that this dessert, beloved by many, is very necessary and important for our diet, including for children, and what exactly we will now find out:

    1. In jelly, or rather in gelatin, there are very important and necessary amino acids for the body. First of all, it is glycine - an amino acid responsible for the concentration, attention and psychological state of the child. For adults, this substance is especially useful in terms of restoring cartilage tissue and preventing inflammatory joint diseases.
    2. Agar-agar is present in gelatin. All adults have already remembered that they receive this substance from specially processed brown and red algae. The feature of this component lies in the benefits for the intestines and, most importantly, for its effective operation.
    3. The content of pectin - substances, mainly responsible for the removal of heavy metal salts from the body, which makes both jelly and gelatin the main products in the diet of those associated with hazardous industries and their work.
    4. At the same time, we should not forget that if we make jelly based on healthy fruits, berries, milk or cream, then all the useful substances contained in them will immediately enter our body without loss. Remember that jelly is one of the few dishes that is not subjected to powerful heat treatment in the form of boiling during cooking, which means that all the benefits are with it.

    So we told you how to make homemade jelly. And most importantly, what I would like to draw your attention to is that you should not resort to the help of store blanks, they do not really save time, but they bring much less benefit. We hope our recipe will be an occasion for you to experiment with paints and products and get an excellent result. And do not forget about us, hozOboz is always waiting for your new recipes and suggestions. Let your culinary days be boring and fruitful, wish you friend and helper HozOboz.

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