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Fried eggplant and tomato salad

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 74
  • Protein: 1.3
  • Fats: 4.5
  • Carbohydrates: 6.5

    Greetings, dear friends, and I am pleased to announce that our hero today is a very tasty and very unusual salad with fried eggplant and garlic. Cooking it is just elementary, but at the same time it is extremely satisfying and very good in taste. Let's prepare a salad with tomatoes and garlic together and do not forget to add fried eggplants. But first, let's talk a little about the history and features of using all the products necessary for a salad.

    History of the dish

    First of all, a little about the history of eggplant, which is unusual both in appearance and in its taste. This wonderful purple product, which was actually originally used only for medical purposes, has come a long way to get into the dishes. Today "blue" is considered to be one of the most popular vegetable in the world. Everything is prepared from it: salads, pies, snacks and even eaten without anything else. The recipe for salad with fried eggplant will surely take its rightful place among your favorite dishes from this wonderful product.

    But before getting to our tables, the eggplant arrived in China, where for many years local gardeners tried in every possible way to relieve it of bitterness and increase the size of the fruit. And from there, the eggplant got to the East and to Europe, where it still feels comfortable. It is obvious that eggplant has taken root everywhere. It grows well both in warm countries and in areas with a more temperate climate. Here are just some of the dishes the fame of which makes eggplant a welcome guest on any table. Salad with fried eggplant and cheese, eggplant rolls with carrots, "light" salad, eggplant caviar and many others. We have chosen a very tasty and healthy option for you - a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and fried eggplants. Let's start right now.


    • Large eggplant - 1 pc.
    • Fleshy tomatoes - 4 pcs.
    • Cucumbers - 4 pcs.
    • Salad onion - 1/2 pc.
    • Garlic - 3 cloves
    • Juice of half a lemon
    • Vegetable oil - for frying
    • Thick Balsamic sauce - about 1 tablespoon.
    • Walnuts - 150 g
    • Mayonnaise - to taste
    • Salt to taste
    • Cheese - any to taste

    How to make a salad:

    1. First, let's prepare the necessary products;

      First of all, we will prepare everything you need for the salad

    2. Peel the eggplants and cut into large cubes;

      Eggplant fruit must be peeled and cut into cubes, as on the photo

    3. Spread the eggplant and fry in a dry frying pan until golden brown;

      Eggplant cubes should be put in a hot frying pan and fried well

    4. While the eggplants are fried, chop the onion into smaller pieces;

      Cut the onion into very thin half rings

    5. Squeeze fresh lemon juice into onion rings;

      From half a lemon, squeeze the juice into the chopped onion and marinate it

    6. Add a little thick balsamic sauce to the onion marinade.

      Add thick balsamic sauce to the marinade and mix the onions well

    7. Chop the garlic;

      Pass the garlic through a press

    8. Meanwhile, the eggplants have already fried;

      Now the eggplants are fried

    9. It's time to add vegetable oil to the eggplant;

      You need to add a little vegetable oil to the eggplants

    10. Now add the garlic;

      Pour in chopped garlic

    11. Ready eggplants add to the pickled onions;

      Add fried eggplants to the marinade with onions

    12. Cut the tomatoes;

      Tomatoes should be cut larger

    13. Pour tomatoes for eggplants and onions;

      Combine chopped tomatoes with onions and eggplants

    14. Grind the cucumbers;

      It's time to chop the cucumbers

    15. Put the cucumbers into the salad;

      Cucumbers are also sent to a bowl with salad

    16. For the sauce, grind the nuts into flour and spread the mayonnaise;

      Prepare mayonnaise for the sauce and chop the nuts

    17. Nuts are sent to a bowl with salad;

      Put the nut crumbs into the salad

    18. Add salt;

      Don't forget to add salt to the salad

    19. We spread the mayonnaise;

      Add mayonnaise

    20. Thoroughly mix all the components;

      Mix the salad well

    21. Served the salad with your favorite cheese, we took soft feta;

      We have chosen soft feta for serving, and you can take, for example, feta cheese or any other favorite cheese. Enjoy your meal!

    The benefits of the dish

    I assure you that the benefits of such a delicious salad will be enormous. Fresh vegetables, garlic and nuts will provide him with everything he needs for a healthy lunch or dinner. And eggplants will be an excellent addition to a salad, which will serve as the main product and can easily replace meat or mushrooms. We really hope that you will like our recipe and that the salad with fried eggplants and tomatoes will become a frequent guest on your table. What do you cook from eggplants? How do you like them? Tell us and let's cook something together. We are always happy to help and ready to experiment. Your HozOboz!

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