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Fresh cabbage and carrot salad

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 75
  • Protein: 1
  • Fats: 5
  • Carbohydrates: 6

    And here we are again, our dear fans. In this review, everything will be extremely simple. Dish of the day - a salad of fresh cabbage and carrots. This is not just a salad, but a kind of pickled appetizer that will impress any lover of pickles. And for many it will be a real surprise that you can cook such a thing in a matter of hours with a minimum set of products. Don't believe? Then now we will prove it to you, but after a short digression into history.

    History of the dish

    First of all, it should be noted that pickling cabbage should not be confused with fermenting the product. Sauerkraut is a fermentation product of lactic acid bacteria, which, in addition to the preparation itself, also requires a significant time resource for ripening. At the same time, pickled cabbage can be cooked in a matter of hours, and during the cooking process it involves the use of marinade - vinegar and other ripening provocateurs.

    In turn, there are a great many varieties of such pickling in the world: fresh pickled cabbage with carrots, when the salad is cooked with vinegar, Chinese Kimchi cabbage, which, in addition to everything else, is very spicy. Szechuan cabbage marinated in pepper, Hakusai-zuke cabbage according to a Japanese recipe, etc. Such an appetizer is always a great help for any feast, and therefore every housewife should master the art of its preparation. Here is our recipe according to which such a salad of fresh cabbage and carrots will turn out to be delicious.


    • White cabbage - 500 g
    • Carrot - 1 pc.
    • Sugar - 1 tsp
    • Salt - 1 tsp
    • Vinegar 9% - 1 tbsp.
    • Vegetable oil - 3 tbsp.
    • Spices for vegetables (or ground black pepper) - to taste


    1. Wash and clean the vegetables.

      Vegetables should be washed and peeled

    2. Chop the cabbage into thin strips.

      It is important to chop the cabbage thinner and evenly

    3. Put in a bowl, add salt and sugar, grind with your hands so that the cabbage starts juice.

      Put the cabbage in a bowl and add salt and sugar. Now it is important to shake the cabbage well with your hands until it releases juice

    4. Grate carrots on a coarse grater.

      Meanwhile grate the carrots on a coarse grater

    5. Add carrots to cabbage, add spices, vinegar and vegetable oil.

      It's time to combine vegetables and add spices, vinegar and vegetable oil

    6. Mix all the ingredients, let the salad brew in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

      Now mix everything well and send the salad to infuse in the refrigerator for an hour

    7. Serve to the table.

      Ready! Serve the table

    The benefits of the dish

    I am for fresh vegetables and definitely for their combination with vegetable oil. That is, a salad with fresh cabbage and carrots is what you need. By the way, for a change, you can also prepare a salad where there will be not only fresh carrots and cabbage, but also beets. But the addition of vinegar is a controversial issue in terms of benefits. And all because vinegar is definitely not good for everyone. Although many even drink it on an empty stomach. The summary is this: if health allows, you can and even need to cook an appetizer, and if not, then just eat a salad and you will be happy. Your HozOboz!

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