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Fettuccine with mushrooms in a creamy sauce

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 103
  • Protein: 7
  • Fats: 4,5
  • Carbohydrates: 9

    We are glad that you are with us again, our dear admirers. Today we are preparing futuccini with mushrooms in a creamy sauce. Stunning pasta will not leave anyone indifferent, except for those who do not like cheese or mushrooms, but these are unlikely to be found among you. The fettuccine recipe itself is not complicated, although there are several defining points that can directly affect the taste of the dish. Our recipe for fettuccine with mushrooms in a creamy sauce contains all the important references and notes that will definitely help you not to make a mistake. But more on that later, but for now, according to tradition, a little history.

    History of the dish

    Futuccini are long and thick noodles that are considered one of the most popular in Rome. And yet, oddly enough, she is very loved not just anywhere, but in the USA. At one time, fettuccine so impressed the American actors who came on tour to Rome that they brought the recipe home and made it popular in their homeland. And it was something like this: the Americans came to an Italian restaurant in Rome, where the owner cooked pasta according to a special recipe for his pregnant wife. After adding to such a paste, he added more butter, more garlic and cheese. Since then, the whole world has been fascinated by such pasta, and the Americans began to call the dish Fettuccine.

    Today, fettuccine, as well as other types of pasta, is insanely popular in the world. And to make fettuccine pasta with mushrooms in a creamy sauce really tasty and authentic in Italian, you need to follow a few important rules. When cooking pasta, use a large bowl and plenty of water to keep the pasta from sticking together. To properly salt the pasta, you need to calculate about 1 tablespoon of salt per 1 liter of water. And in no case do not break the pasta, no matter how long they are - this will definitely have a bad effect on their taste. If you follow these simple rules, you will definitely get excellent fettuccine, and the rest is the filling, which we will talk about right now. You should get a delicious fettuccine pasta with champignon mushrooms in a creamy sauce.


    • Fettuccine - 300 g
    • Fresh champignons - 300 g
    • Onion - 1 pc.
    • Cream (20%) - 300 ml
    • Flour - 2 tbsp.
    • Nutmeg -1 tsp
    • Salt - 1 tsp
    • Butter - 20 g
    • Vegetable oil - 4 tbsp.
    • Fresh parsley - to taste


    1. Prepare the ingredients, wash the mushrooms, herbs, peel the onions.

      Let's start by preparing the necessary products

    2. Cut the champignons into quarters.

      Mushrooms should be cut into four parts each

    3. Cut the onion into small cubes.

      Onion chop smaller

    4. In a frying pan, heat the vegetable oil at maximum heat and put the champignon quarters, fry until golden brown.

      Fry the mushrooms well in hot oil

    5. Add the onion.

      Enter the onion

    6. Continue to fry, stirring, until the onion is soft.

      Fry everything well until the onion becomes soft

    7. Reduce the heat to a minimum, pour cream into the mushrooms, add flour, nutmeg and salt. We actively mix everything.

      Now reduce the heat and add the cream, as well as flour and salt with nutmeg

    8. Cook the fettuccine according to the manufacturer's instructions. Let's put it in a colander.

      Meanwhile, properly boiled fettuccine is discarded in a colander

    9. Put the fettuccine in a pan with mushrooms in a creamy sauce. Stir, cover with a lid and after 5 minutes remove from the stove.

      Send the pasta to the pan with dressing, mix and cover with a lid to remove from the stove after five minutes

    10. Arrange on serving plates, into which we add finely chopped parsley to taste.

      It remains to arrange the pasta on plates and sprinkle with chopped parsley. Bon appetit everyone!

    Benefits of the dish

    You can say how useful pasta is, and even with cream. But the fact that fettuccine just tastes great is a fact. You can also cook fettuccine with wild mushrooms in a creamy sauce or fettuccine in a creamy sauce with ham and mushrooms. The taste is unforgettable. What do you add to the paste? What cooking secrets do you know and how often do you eat pasta? Tell us and our readers. And we will make sure that all your recipes look colorful and tasty on our pages. Your HozOboz!

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