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Eggs benedict recipe

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 332
  • Protein: 6.7
  • Fats: 27.5
  • Carbohydrates: 12
    Яйца бенедикт рецепт

    Eggs Benedict is a morning feast, a delicacy for breakfast, a lust and anticipation. And who can refuse this? Of course, Benedict Gordon Ramsay will cook the best eggs - here is both experience and haute cuisine. But if you have enough patience, and then luck, and you repeat this recipe, you will get an incomparable gastronomic delight in your own kitchen, without the presence of an eminent chef. It will be a slightly different story with improvisation, but its own.

    How did the dish come about?

    What is the egg Benedict recipe hiding, why has it become so popular? In general, this product arose from a completely inconspicuous case. According to one version, a broker named Lemuel Benedict received such a grocery set for breakfast, who ordered it himself; on the other, Mr. and Mrs. Benedict. Both versions happened in New York, after which they gained unprecedented popularity. But Eggs Benedict was used to cooking at the beginning of the last century for breakfast, and they continue to this day. The whole secret is not in the product range, it's all in the technology and sleight of hand. Do not forget about the traditional addition to the dish in the form of hollandaise sauce.


    • Eggs - 4 pcs. (+ 3 yolks);
    • Bun - 2 pcs.;
    • Ham (cured or smoked) - 70 g;
    • Butter - 100 g;
    • Mustard (Dijon) - 9 g;
    • Lemon juice - 10 ml;
    • Vinegar 9% - 30 ml;
    • Salt (sea) - 35 g;
    • Peppers (assorted peas) - 4 pcs.;
    • Dill - for decoration.

    How to cook Eggs Benedict?

    1. Having collected all the necessary products, you will be surprised at the simplicity of the kit. In general, chicken eggs are in every refrigerator, buns and a few slices of dried ham are also easy to get. The hollandaise sauce will require butter, three egg yolks, and citric acid.

      A set of products for the recipe

    2. Cut the buns into thin slices, dry them on each side in a dry and very hot frying pan for half a minute.

      Fry thin slices of buns without oil

    3. Lubricate the resulting toasts with sweet Dijon mustard.

      For spice, you need a little mustard

    4. Put thin slices of ham on top of the mustard. In this version, dried raw smoked ham is used without frying, but if desired, and as master Gordon Ramsay does, you can fry the ham in a pan, and fry the bread in the rendered fat.

      Raw smoked ham harmoniously complements the dish

    5. Now you need to boil poached eggs - this is a special way that you can write a lot about, but it’s better to take a chance once to cook Eggs Benedict recipe with photos and steps. So, put water in a 3-liter saucepan on the stove (there should be more than half of the water, approximately 1-1.5 liters). Copiously salt on a boil, one tablespoon, and reduce the heat by an indicator above average.

      To boil eggs, first salt the boiling water

    6. Add vinegar to quietly boiling water.

      Acetic acid helps protein fold

    7. Break the egg right above the surface of the water. But if you are not sure that you will be able to save the yolk, you can first break it on a saucer, and then carefully pour it into the water. You can form a funnel, you can do without it - the protein will gradually begin to wrap itself around the yolk, covering it.

      We lay the egg in the water near its surface

    8. Boil eggs for no more than 4 minutes. When cooked for 2.5 minutes, a liquid yolk and a weak “edging” of protein are obtained. Each egg is cooked separately - this is important!

      Boil eggs in the poached way from 1 minute to 4.5 minutes.

    9. After the egg is cooked, transfer it with a wooden spatula to a paper towel, then to the prepared toast with ham.

      Put the poached egg on the prepared sandwich base

    10. Prepare the Hollandaise sauce as follows - melt the butter in a water bath. Beat the melted mass with a fork or whisk with weak movements.

      The base of the hollandaise sauce is melted and whipped butter

    11. Let's introduce all the yolks one at a time, continuing to beat.

      Yolks are introduced into the oil one by one

    12. Add citric acid - constantly beat the mass until thick, creamy silk texture. Salt to taste.

      Citric acid and salt stabilize the hollandaise sauce

    13. Egg Benedict Ramsay pours plenty of hollandaise sauce, so do we. By the way, you don't need to chill the sauce.

      Hollandaise sauce serves as an integral component of Eggs Benedict

    14. Ready Eggs Benedict photo in front of you. A small touch - sprinkle with crushed pepper and garnish with a sprig of dill. How delicious it all goes together!

      The finished dish is in front of you


    Raw yolk is an excellent source of vitamins B and D, iodine, cobalt, zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus. But an abundance of fat can neutralize the benefits of a dish, which is why such a breakfast should be correlated with the rest of the menu for the day and physical activity. Also, do not add extra frying of bread in oil, because there are no vegetables in the set.

    In custody

    A few words must be said about the safety of chicken eggs. Everyone knows that raw and even half-baked eggs can cause dangerous salmonellosis. That is why try to use only fresh eggs for such dishes, after washing them with running water, rubbing with soda or salt. In addition, such a diet cannot appear on the menu before 3 years (a later age is also possible), so poached eggs should not be offered to small children, no matter how tasty they may seem to adults. It also makes no sense for lactating and pregnant women to risk such dishes, it is better to leave them for a while. Eggs Benedict makes a great brunch or early lunch. Try, experiment and enjoy new flavors.

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