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Cottage cheese pancakes

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 226
  • Protein: 17.4
  • Fats: 12
  • Carbohydrates: 10.6

    Curds are so popular in all Slavic cuisines. Today we will cook puffy cakes fried in butter from vanilla curd dough mixed with flour, in the Russian version. If a dish with sour cream, then it is ideal for breakfast or for an afternoon snack, and with jam or jam - for dessert for an evening tea party.

    History of the dish

    In the past, syrniki, and in the present, cottage cheese, but in fact this is one and the same dish. Cottage cheese in Russia was called nothing more than cheese, but balls stewed in oil from this very cheese were called syrniki. The name of cottagers rather has folk roots and, logically, it is so. Curd workers - from cottage cheese! By the way, cottage cheese is a fairly popular dish in Germany and they are called Saxon there. They are prepared in the likeness of Russian cheesecakes, but potatoes, honey, lemon zest can be used as an addition.

    Composition of ingredients:

    • Cottage cheese 3% fat - 400-500 grams;
    • Large chicken eggs - 2 pieces;
    • Wheat flour sifted - 70-95 grams;
    • Butter - for frying;
    • Crystalline vanillin - 0.5 grams;
    • Sugar-sand - 70-95 grams;
    • Sour cream sauce - for serving;
    • Black raspberries - for serving.

    Lush cottage cheese in a pan - cooking method

    1. Break the eggs into a mixing bowl and beat them intensively until foamy. In order for eggs to grow well, they must be at room temperature. And, in general, all the main ingredients for cottage cheese must be removed from the refrigerator in advance.

      We prepare the necessary products and beat the warm eggs until foam forms.

    2. Add granulated sugar to beaten eggs. You can use powdered sugar, but then the pastry will turn out to be especially airy and tender, like pudding. Next, whisk in the egg-sugar mixture.

      Now add granulated sugar to the eggs.

    3. Then add flavor - vanillin or vanilla sugar. I would like to note that a small amount of orange zest can add a wonderful flavor to the dough.

      We introduce orange zest and vanilla in any form: vanilla sugar, natural vanilla or flavoring.

    4. We continue to mix the mixture with vanilla.

      Mix everything well.

    5. We add cottage cheese already to the fragrant sugar-egg mixture, which is well enlarged in volume. If possible, you need to choose such cottage cheese that it has a minimum amount of moisture. The frozen version is definitely out.

      Now add dry curd.

    6. Mix the cottage cheese into a homogeneous mass and add the flour. Of course, it is better to sift it in advance - in order to saturate it with oxygen. Flour in bags is pressed and caked.

      Mix the cottage cheese and egg mixture well, and then add the flour sifted in advance in small portions.

    7. First, pour half and mix so that there are no lumps.

      Enter half of the volume of flour and mix the dough.

    8. Next, pour the rest and again knead everything well until smooth.

      Then add the rest of the flour and mix everything again so that there are no lumps.

    9. The dough for delicious curds should be thick, but quite fluffy.

      The result should be a lush and fairly thick dough.

    10. From the resulting curd mass we form small balls. It is most convenient to do this with wet hands, you just have to slightly moisten your hands with water after each new cottage cheese.

      Now with wet hands we form round koloboks from the dough.

    11. Cottage cheese in a frying pan in butter is an extraordinary yummy and today we are preparing just such. Heat up a frying pan and melt the butter in it. Only after that we put our balls on the frying surface and brown them for three minutes over medium heat.

      Heat the butter in a frying pan and put the curds in turn. Fry them for three minutes.

    12. When the curds are fried, they need to be gently pry off the edge with a fork and turn over with a spatula to the other side for another three minutes. If you cover the pan with a lid, then the pastries will turn out especially airy.

      Then we turn over the curds, fry the same amount, but already under the lid.

    13. We transfer ruddy and lush cheesecakes to a serving dish.

      Put the finished curds on a dish.

    14. Serve for breakfast on portioned plates with sour cream, fruit jam or berries. If desired, the curds can be “dusted” with powdered sugar. We got a very nutritious dish for breakfast.

      Such a dessert will be especially valuable for breakfast, along with fresh fruits, berries or jam. For beauty, we recommend sprinkling syrniki with powdered sugar.

    Variations of the dish

    • If you add raisins to the curd dough, then you can get an excellent dessert dish at the exit. Cottage cheese with raisins is, of course, a non-classical recipe, but indescribably delicious!
    • If you add semolina to the cottage cheese, reducing the flour by half, and bake the cottage cheese in the oven, you get crispy and healthy pastries.
    • Add a spoonful of cocoa to the dough - we get chocolate curds. Such cakes, of course, are “not for everybody” for adults, but children really like them.

    About the benefits

    Of course, fresh cottage cheese is healthier, but cooking can make even those who flatly refuse to eat this product rich in calcium and protein. Children - they love delicious curds with berries and sour cream, but whole curds are not always friendly.

    As for the calorie content, we can say the following. Curds turn out to be really very nutritious, but there will be no harm from a couple - that's for sure. Curd products in any form should be included in the children's diet, as well as in the menu of pregnant women, athletes and people in need of dietary nutrition. After all, they do not need to be fried in oil. We knead the dough according to our recipe and send them to the oven. There will definitely be more benefits!

    In conclusion, I would like to note that the curds prepared according to our recipe turn out really amazing - fragrant, tender, airy and very tasty. Yes, and the recipe is so simple that even a novice hostess can handle it. Come back to us at HozOboz for new and interesting curd recipes - we have a lot of them!

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