Chrysanthemum pie

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 183
  • Protein: 11
  • Fats: 6
  • Carbohydrates: 20

    Pies are always beautiful by definition. How such a delicious kind of food can be not beautiful? HozOboz also thinks it can’t. Nevertheless, there are the prettiest pies and our new chrysanthemum pie is a great example of them. Everyone can cook it following our instructions. It’s very similar to meat dumplings, but in this case you use yeast dough and you need to bake a pie instead of boiling it like meat dumplings. But the process itself is has a lot in common with that for meat dumplings.

    Some important facts from the history of this pie

    Unfortunately, nobody knows who created the chrysanthemum pie. Of course, it was a person of a great imagination. This pie is so beautiful itself that sometimes you even feel sorry for eating it because of its appearance. But since it’s just a pie, no matter how pretty it is, it should be eaten and enjoyed by everyone.

    The main advantages and healthy features

    The chrysanthemum pie, the recipe of which HozOboz has for you today, is healthy because of its food valueand its ability to quickly satisfy your hunger. It can easily do it but always remember that it’s so delicious that it will be hard for you to stop eating it.

    The list of ingredients to cook the chrysanthemum pie

    For the dough:

    • 500 grams of wheat flour
    • 7 grams of dry yeast
    • 4.2 oz. of milk
    • 4.3 oz. of kefir
    • a tablespoon of sugar
    • a teaspoon of salt
    • an egg
    • 6 tablespoons of olive oil

    For the filling:

    • 500 grams of forcemeat (beef, pork)
    • a bulb onion
    • a clove of garlic
    • 1.7 oz. of water
    • 30 grams of butter
    • 2/3 teaspoon of salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper

    For greasing:

    • one yolk
    • a tablespoon of milk
    • 50 grams of butter

    The recipe of chrysanthemum pie with photos attached

    1. To start with, let’s make a pre-ferment. First, heat the milk a bit and add yeast.

      To make a pre-ferment, heat the milk and put the yeast to it.

    2. Add sugar to the milk with yeast so that the yeast ''works’' faster. Everyone who works with dough should know that sugar activates the yeast, while salt slows down its action. Cover pre-ferment with a clean cloth or towel and keep it in at the warm place for 20 minutes.

      Add some sugar to the pre-ferment, it will speed up the fermentation process. Then cover it with towel and leave it for 20 minutes.

    3. Whip an egg with salt in a separate bowl.

      To make a dough, mix eggs with salt in a bowl.

    4. Then add some olive oil to the eggs.

      Pour olive oil now.

    5. Now pour kefir in the bowl with eggs and olive oil.

      Then add milk kefir to the mixture.

    6. Then whip everything to the same consistency.

      Mix everything to get the same consistency.

    7. After 20 minutes you’ll get the pre-ferment just like on the picture.

      Now check the pre-ferment and see if it looks like on the photo.

    8. Sift flour into the deep bowl.

      Take a separate bowl and sift flour into it.

    9. Add pre-ferment to the flour.

      Now join the flour with the pre-ferment.

    10. Now add the mixture of eggs with kefir to the bowl with flour.

      Mix eggs and kefir with dough.

    11. Knead the dough which, by the way, shouldn't stick to your hands,  and cover the bowl with a clean cloth. Then leave it in a warm place for an hour.

      Knead the dough until bubbles appear. Afterwards, leave it for an hour.

    12. Now it’s time to make the filling. Mince the meat. HozOboz recommends to use half-pork half-beef meat because they go well together and the filling itself becomes more juicy.

      Mince the meat for filling. You better use pork and beef together.

    13. Salt the mince, add small pieces of garlic. You cat cut through the mincer along with meat, by the way.

      Add some salt to the mince, then season it with spices and garlic.

    14. Cut the onion into small slices.

      Cut the bulb onion.

    15. Fry the onion lightly on the vegetable oil until it turns golden.

      Fry the onion suing vegetable oil until it gets golden.

    16. Now, add fried onion to the mince.

      Join onion with mince.

    17. Pour some water to the mince (water makes it juicy and soft) and mix everything.

      Add water to make the mince juicy.

    18. In the meantime, your dough is ready after an hour.

      Take the dough out.

    19. Divide the dough into several pieces, it will be easier for you to roll it with a rolling pin. The roll it out to to a thickness of 2-3 mm and use a glass to cut round blanks of dough (like those used for dumplings).

      Divide dough into parts and roll them until you have thin layers. Then take a glass and form round picks of dough. The size is quite similar to that used for dumplings.

    20. Now put a teaspoon of filling on each round piece.

      Then place the filling on the dough pieces.

    21. The fold each piece of dough as shown on the photo.

      Fold each of them like the picture shows.

    22. Fold it one more time, join the edges and pull them a bit so that it gets the shape of a petal.

      The fold it once more and connect the edges of it. Pull the edges to shape them like petal.

    23. Now, lay a 11''-12’’ baking dish with a parchment. Before doing that, you may butter your baking dish. Place your «petals'' just like on the picture.

      Butter the baking dish and lay it with parchment. Then place all the ’’peatals’’ in a circle.

    24. Add two more circles of ‘'petals'' (one of them smaller, and the smallest one). It looks like Chrysanthemum flower now, doesn't it? Cover it with a cling film and leave it fro 20 more minutes.

      Put all the ‘’petals'' in circles until the baking dish is full of them. It should look like a flower of chrysanthemum. Then cover it with a cling film and leave for 20 minutes.

    25. Then whisk the egg yolk with milk.

      To make the cake greasing, beat the egg yolk with milk.

    26. Grease the pie with the mixture you got and put it into the preheated 350F oven for 35 minutes.

      Before putting the cake in the 350F oven for 35 minutes, grease it with egg mixture.

    27. Take the pie out and grease it with melted butter. Then cover it with cloth for 15-20 minutes and give it a little cool. Now the Chrysanthemum pie is ready to be eaten quickly and mercilessly.

      Take it out of the oven, sprinkle it with butter and leave it for at minimum 20 minutes. Well, all the instructions have been followed, so your apr is ready to be served.

    As you might have already noticed, this is really easy to cook because it consists of yeast dough and mince. The main thing is an incredible appearance of the dish.  You can easily serve it to the holiday table. It’s also convenient because there’s no need to cut it since everybody may just tear a ‘’petal’'. By the way, the chrysanthemum pie the recipe of which we reviewed today can be cooked with curd (cottage cheese) filling, both sweet and salty.

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