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Chocolate sponge cake

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 279
  • Protein: 10
  • Fats: 8
  • Carbohydrates: 40

    Hello again, our dear readers. In this review, we are talking about dessert again. Today we bake a chocolate biscuit for a cake, which will be an excellent basis for any dessert. In general, this is again the basics and the one who gives a well fluffy chocolate biscuit for the cake provides the necessary backlog. So go ahead, friends, master the basic skills of confectionery art. But first, a little history.

    History of the dish

    Biscuit is the same as confectionery bread. The name comes from two Latin words bis - twice and coctus - boiled. That is, in translation, a biscuit is bread cooked twice. And don't let this interpretation confuse you. There is no mistake here, but the whole point is that the English sailors, who most of all loved biscuits, certainly overheard them after baking. They did this so that they would not become moldy on long journeys.

    Such traditions of cooking biscuits have survived to this day in American and Italian cuisines. And today, the biscuit familiar to all of us is still soft and fluffy dough, which is made from flour, eggs and granulated sugar. To give the dough an original taste, molasses, dried fruits, nuts and, of course, chocolate are often added to it. This is exactly what we will do today to make a simple chocolate sponge cake.


    • Egg C2 - 5 pcs.
    • Flour - 100 g
    • Sugar - 100 g
    • Cocoa - 1 tbsp.


    1. Prepare the ingredients.

      The recipe for a chocolate biscuit for a cake provides for a certain set of products and we will prepare them first of all

    2. Divide the eggs into proteins and yolks.

      Proteins must be separated from the yolks

    3. Add 50 g of sugar to the yolks and beat with a mixer for 1 minute.

      Add 50 g of sugar to the yolks and beat until a fluffy foam of light yellow color is obtained

    4. In a separate dry bowl, beat the whites with a mixer until beer foam, then add 50 g of sugar.

      Separately from the yolks, beat the whites with sugar

    5. And continue to beat until stable peaks.

      Beat until you get dense peaks

    6. In a bowl to the yolk mixture, lay out the protein mass and, with gentle circular movements of the spatula, mix the proteins into the yolks.

      Now we begin to add proteins to the yolks a little, and mix the dough with a spatula in one direction from the bottom up

    7. Sift the flour to the air mixture and then sift the cocoa.

      Our chocolate biscuit for the cake must certainly turn out magnificent, and therefore we use a simple trick - cocoa and flour must be sifted into the dough

    8. Mix the flour with cocoa gently into the egg mixture until a homogeneous chocolate puff pastry is obtained.

      Cocoa with flour is also mixed with a spatula very carefully

    9. Which we lay out in a baking dish covered with parchment.

      Pour the biscuit into a form with parchment

    10. We will bake for 50-60 minutes at a temperature of 150-160 degrees. Cool the finished biscuit completely.

      Bake a biscuit taken at a temperature of 160 degrees for about an hour. Then it must be cooled and only then removed from the mold

    The benefits of the dish

    With all responsibility, I want to declare that a biscuit is one of the options for safe baking: no oil, no yeast and a minimum of calories. And the chocolate biscuit for the cake is baked in the oven, which means it is not fried, which is also a huge plus. I hope we convinced you to cook this miracle. Trust me, you definitely won't regret it. And we dive into cookbooks to look for new interesting recipes for you, Your HozOboz.

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