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Chocolate cocktail

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 188
  • Protein: 3.5
  • Fats: 11.6
  • Carbohydrates: 16.0
    Шоколадный коктейль

    Chocolate milkshake is one of our family's favorite desserts. There are many reasons for this! This cocktail is prepared in a matter of minutes, even a seven-year-old kid can prepare it. Many mothers are afraid to use ice cream in cocktails, as it makes the drink cool. But if you do not cool the milk completely, then the cocktail will not be cold and harmful to the child's throat.

    History of the dish

    The term "chocolate cocktail" was first used at the end of the 19th century in foggy Albion. With the advent of the milkshake (whisky and eggnog based on raw eggs and milk), chefs and bartenders have been looking for ways to improve the drink by adding different ingredients. The way we are used to seeing this drink, it appeared in 1922 in a small chain of Walgreens pharmacies in the United States. In an attempt to improve chocolate malt, Ivan Coulson, a drugstore manager, paired two scoops of whole milk ice cream with chocolate milk powder.

    Before you make a chocolate smoothie, make sure you have everything you need. There are very few ingredients - high-quality dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 65%, whole milk with a fat content of 2.5-4% and natural vanilla ice cream without dyes, flavors and other additives. Chocolate milkshake recipes also contain alcohol, such as chocolate liqueur or cognac. But we are preparing a dessert that the whole family can enjoy.


    • Milk with a fat content of 2.5% or 3.2% -320 ml
    • Ice cream ice cream - 160 g
    • Dark chocolate - 90 g

    Cooking plan

    1. Let's start preparing this wonderful dessert. The chocolate smoothie recipe is so easy that even kids can make it. You just need to teach them how to use a blender. We use 3.2% fat milk as the basis. And always a good ice cream without fillers, dyes and vegetable fats, as well as dark chocolate with a high cocoa content. Chocolate can be used porous, it will not affect the quality of the finished drink.

      We prepare the ingredients for making a chocolate cocktail.

    2. We start preparing a chocolate cocktail at home by melting chocolate. This can be done in several ways - in a water bath, in warm milk or in a microwave oven. We dissolve chocolate in hot milk. To do this, break the chocolate into pieces (leave one slice for decoration) in a bowl of milk and heat the milk in the microwave until hot. Don't let the milk boil!

      Crush the chocolate into a bowl of milk and heat it in the microwave until hot.

    3. Before preparing a chocolate cocktail, you need to completely dissolve the chocolate in milk. Stir the hot milk until the chocolate flakes are completely melted in it and cool to room temperature.

      Dissolve chocolate and cool milk to room temperature.

    4. The easiest way to make a chocolate smoothie is in a blender or food processor. Pour the cooled chocolate milk into a glass of an immersion blender or into the bowl of a food processor.

      Pour the cooled chocolate milk into the blender bowl.

    5. The next ingredient is ice cream. Slightly melted ice cream (let it lie on the table for 5-7 minutes in a plate) cut into large pieces and add to the blender bowl.

      We add ice cream ice cream to the container for whipping.

    6. We lower the immersion blender into the bowl and beat the chocolate cocktail with ice cream. You can immediately turn on the high speed, we need the foam that forms when whipping.

      Whip the ingredients of the cocktail in a blender until foaming and mixing.

    7. Cocktail glasses can be cooled before use, because the coolness on a hot day is one of the advantages of this drink. Pour the cocktail into glasses.

      Pour the chocolate milkshake into serving glasses.

    8. We finish the preparation of a cocktail of chocolate, milk and ice cream by decorating a glass. We insert a straw into the glass and decorate with fresh mint or basil leaves, as well as chocolate chips (remember, we left a piece?) Or cocoa powder.

      We insert a cocktail tube into the drink, decorate the glass with chocolate chips and mint leaves.

    9. So our simple and at the same time rich and even somewhere exquisite drink is ready. Such a dessert can be served both at a noisy party with friends, and at a festive table for important guests.

      Chocolate cocktail is ready to drink.

    The value of the dish

    Chocolate is a well-known antidepressant. It helps fight depression and blues, improves mood and gives strength to live. Healthy milk contains bone-strengthening calcium and many other vitamins and minerals. Here we have prepared a chocolate milkshake. The recipe is easy, inexpensive and very successful! Surely everyone will appreciate the aroma of the cocktail, richness and taste!

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