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Chocolate cheesecake

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 322
  • Protein: 9.8
  • Fats: 17.6
  • Carbohydrates: 28.8
    Шоколадный чизкейк

    Today, for dessert, hozOboz invites you to bake a chocolate cheesecake. By the way, in the conditions of the kitchen of our modern housewives, chocolate cheesecake without baking and chocolate cheesecake from cottage cheese have gained immense popularity. We still would like to be a little closer to the traditional recipe and therefore we chose the famous Cream Cheese as cream cheese, and decided to bake a chocolate cheesecake in a slow cooker.

    History of the dish

    Already far beyond the borders of its homeland, cheesecake has gained loyal fans and true connoisseurs. There is a strong opinion that this unusually delicious cheese dessert began its history in New York. But this is a delusion. It was first invented by the culinary specialists of ancient Greece. This dish was revered as a rich source of energy and first graced the table of Olympic athletes. A little later, they began to prepare it for wedding celebrations.

    The first to immortalize the recipe for this pie on paper was the Greek writer Athenaeus. This was in 230 BC. The recipe, of course, differed from modern recommendations. It was necessary to grind the cheese well, add honey and flour to it. All this was baked and served already cooled down.

    The Romans, who conquered Greece, left their mark on the recipe: eggs appeared in the composition. The Roman Empire at that time had a significant influence on neighboring countries. The cheesecake recipe began to spread to neighboring states, and each nation made some of its own changes, using components specific to their region.

    The cake that we know now appeared only in the 8th century. Europeans who moved to America brought the recipe with them. And it was the Americans who began to add soft cream cheese. This ingredient has since become the main and unchanged. The classic version of the cheesecake is created without any additives: no fruit, no chocolate, no caramel.

    Many countries have decided to approach the process of making cheese dessert in their own way. The Italians, for example, add soft ricotta cheese to the composition, the Greeks prefer feta cheese. What they just don’t add: blue cheese with mold, seafood, hot chili peppers and even tofu. Of course, hozOboz does not insist on such extravagant experiments, we will just prepare a chocolate cheesecake, the recipe with a photo of which we will describe below.


    • Cream Cheese (fat content 70%) - 500 g;
    • cream (fat content 33%) - 50 ml;
    • vanilla sugar - 10g;
    • chocolate (any, without filler) - 200 g;
    • shortbread cookies (without filler) - 200 g;
    • butter - 150 g;
    • cocoa - 25 g;
    • sugar - 100 g

    You should definitely choose to cook chocolate cheesecake in the oven or in a slow cooker, but we recommend using the kitchen electronic assistant. This greatly simplifies the process: a water bath is eliminated, there is no need to adjust the baking temperature, and a loud finish signal will not allow you to forget that the cake is ready if you are carried away by other important household chores while cooking.

    Making chocolate cheesecake

    1. To begin with, we will prepare the necessary ingredients.

      To begin with, we will prepare the necessary ingredients. 

    2. Break the cookies with your hands and put them in the blender container.

      We crumble the cookies with our hands and put them in the blender bowl for grinding

    3. Let's start the device. In about a minute, we will get a crumb of the required consistency.

      Turn on the blender and turn the pieces of cookies into crumbs

    4. Put the contents of the blender into a glass bowl and add cocoa.

      Move the sweet crumbs from the liver into a bowl and mix with cocoa powder

    5. Pour the melted butter there. Mix with a wooden spoon or pastry spatula. We get the sand mass for the base.

      Now add melted butter to the bowl and knead the pie base well with a silicone spatula

    6. Remove the bowl from the multicooker (it will be more convenient for us) and lay it out with baking paper. If this step is excluded, then subsequently we will not be able to accurately get the finished cheesecake. Put the shortbread dough on the bottom and smooth it out, tamping it down, with your hands.

      We cover the parchment in the multicooker bowl and lay out the base for the pie prepared in advance from sweet crumbs with cocoa butter

    7. In a separate bowl, put soft cheese, pour sugar and vanilla sugar.

      Now let's take care of the filling: first of all, combine cream cheese, granulated sugar and vanilla in a bowl

    8. Melt most of the chocolate (about 190 g) together with the cream. We should have a smooth chocolate emulsion, which we will add to the bowl of cheese and sugar.

      Approximately 190 grams of chocolate are drowned together with cream and we get an elastic cream

    9. Mix everything with a whisk. Our chocolate cheese layer for the future cheesecake is ready.

      Thoroughly mix the filling with a whisk

    10. Lay it on top of the sand base.

      Now is the time to put the cheese blank on top of the cheesecake base

    11. Let's select the "baking" mode on the multicooker control panel. We need at least one hour for the whole process.

      We set the multicooker for 1 hour in the “baking” mode

    12. After the end of the program, the lid of the device can not be opened, since the cheesecake will be finally ready only when it has completely cooled down. Therefore, it is better to forget about him at night. And in the morning we can easily take it out on a beautiful dish.

      As soon as the cooking process is completed, open the lid of the multicooker and leave the cheesecake to cool for at least 5 hours, and preferably overnight

    13. We still have some chocolate left (10 g), so grate it and sprinkle the surface of the cheese pie as a decoration.

      Put the cooled dessert on a dish and sprinkle grated chocolate crumbs on top

    14. Let's make your favorite drink: tea or coffee. Let's cut the chocolate cheesecake into pieces and start tasting.

      It remains only to make coffee or aromatic tea and call everyone to the table. Enjoy your meal!

    The benefits of the dish

    If you have a question: what benefits does chocolate cheesecake have for the body, the recipe of which we have just described to you in such detail, then it is not difficult to answer it. Most of the dessert is soft cream cheese. This product is made from milk with minimal processing, so it is saturated with macro- and microelements: copper, selenium, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, iron, potassium, calcium. It is quite nutritious. The human body receives from it most of the substances necessary for life. Since this is still an exquisite dessert, indescribable pleasure and excellent mood are added to all these advantages. HozOboz sincerely hopes that the chocolate cheesecake, the photo instructions of which we gladly submitted to your competent court, will become one of your favorite treats. Bon appetit!

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