Cheesy meatloaf

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 246
  • Protein: 16.8
  • Fats: 18.9
  • Carbohydrates: 0.3
    Сырно мясной рулет

    In this recipe, we will talk about how to cook cheese roll. It can be offered to guests as a festive treat, or it can be prepared for a regular family meal. In any case, from our review, you will learn how in a matter of minutes you can easily and simply build this miracle of cooking and please yourself and everyone at home. This roll is also interesting because it does not use dough or semi-finished products as a base - it is prepared on the basis of ordinary cheese. But today we’ll talk about how to bring this recipe to life and cook a delicious, satisfying and fragrant cheese roll. But first, a little about the history of such dishes and their benefits.

    History of our roll

    A roll is a dish in which products are cooked in the form of a scroll, and as a rule, it contains at least two main parts - the shell and the filling. Rolls can be sweet and meaty, and according to some sources, the tradition of cooking them came to us from Western Europe. According to legend, in the old days on Christmas Eve, the owner brought a log into the house, which the whole family sprinkled with olive oil, sprinkled with spices and poured wine. After all these manipulations, the log was placed in the hearth and hoped that throughout the year such a ritual would protect them from fire, misfortune and hunger. It is believed that since then, dishes in the form of logs have become a good sign on the table and promised prosperity and wealth to everyone who was behind it. Well, to sweeten in Europe, today you can often find confectionery in the form of logs - these are adits, and various strudels, and just rolls with cream. Meat rolls are considered, mainly, the property of Soviet cuisine, because then almost everything that you can imagine was prepared from minced meat, from cutlets on weekdays to rolls on holidays. We will offer you one of such creations today. It's time to learn how to cook cheese roll - here is our recipe with a photo.

    Roll Ingredients

    • Pork - 350 g
    • Bow - 1 pc.
    • Cheese - 350 g
    • Chicken eggs - 5 pcs.
    • Butter - 20 g for lubricating parchment
    • Salt and spices - to taste

    How to make Cheese Meatloaf:

    1. First, let's prepare the necessary products;

      Prepare the necessary ingredients

    2. Cook minced pork and onions, and grate hard cheese;

      For minced meat, we pass pork and onions through a meat grinder, and for a cake we grate cheese

    3. Break chicken eggs into a bowl;

      Break the eggs into a bowl

    4. Beat the eggs with a whisk;

      Beat the eggs well

    5. Pour grated hard cheese into the egg mixture;

      Combine beaten eggs and grated cheese

    6. Mix the ingredients for the dough well;

      Mixing the ingredients for the dough

    7. Lubricate baking paper with butter;

      Coat the parchment with butter

    8. Pour the cheese-egg mixture onto a baking sheet;

      Pour the dough from eggs and cheese onto parchment

    9. Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake at a temperature of 180 degrees for 15 minutes;

      In order for the dough to stick slightly, place it in the oven preheated to a temperature of 180 degrees for about 15 minutes

    10. We take out the dough from the oven;

      Remove the browned dough from the oven

    11. At a distance of about 10 cm from the edge, lay out the minced sausage;

      We form a tourniquet from minced meat and spread it on the dough at a distance of about 10-15 cm from the edges of the cake

    12. We wrap the minced meat starting from the edge on which the filling is located;

      We turn the roll starting from the side where the minced meat is located

    13. Place the roll on a baking sheet again;

      Then put the finished roll on a baking sheet again

    14. We put the baking sheet in the oven;

      Put the roll in the oven again

    15. Bake the dish first at a temperature of 180 degrees for 10 minutes, and then at a temperature of 150 degrees for another 20 minutes;

      You need to cook the roll in two stages: the first at 180 degrees for 10 minutes, the second - 20 minutes at 150 degrees

    16. Bake the roll until golden brown, and then take it out of the oven and cool a little;

      Remove the finished golden, crispy roll from the oven and cool for about 15 minutes

    17. Now cut the roll into pieces and serve;

      We will cut the finished roll and serve it to the table. Bon Appetit everyone

    The benefits of cheese roll with minced meat

    Our Minced Cheese Roll recipe features a minced pork filling and a crispy shell of eggs and hard cheese. In general, cheese rolls can be not only with meat, but also with any other filling, so if you are not a fan of meat, choose what you like best. But at the same time, do not forget that meat helps the body stay strong and young for a long time. In pork, for example, provided that it is not fatty, it contains a lot of B vitamins, as well as iron, zinc and proteins. In addition, lean pork is quickly and easily digested. At the same time, for this recipe, we used chicken eggs - a source of vitamins, trace elements and, most importantly, essential amino acids and lecithin. Not a little useful in cheese - it is a source of milk protein, as well as vitamins and valuable microelements. With all this, besides the benefits, cheese and meat roll is dangerous for its high fat content and calorie content, so you should not abuse such a delicacy, it is better to leave it for solemn occasions.

    Here is our recipe today, we hope you will like the cheese and meat roll. If you have no less interesting cooking options, we will be happy to publish them on our pages. So cook with us - it's delicious and interesting. Always your friend and adviser HozOboz.

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