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Chebureki with cheese

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 277
  • Protein: 11.54
  • Fats: 16.01
  • Carbohydrates: 19.72
    Чебуреки с сыром

    Surely, everyone knows the taste of crispy pasties with juicy meat filling. But few people are familiar with the taste of a similar dish filled with a lot of cheese. If you want to know the taste of a well-known dish with a non-trivial filling, HozOboz has prepared a simple recipe for pasties with cheese. This tasty dish is great for a snack on the road, during lunch breaks, relaxing between classes at school or couples at university. In order to organize a healthy diet for relatives and friends, hozOboz will tell you how to cook pasties with cheese at home with minimal time.

    History of pasties

    Since ancient times, chebureks have been a national dish of representatives of the Turkic and Mongolian peoples, who have been actively fighting against various enemy land invaders for many years. There was an opinion among the people about the high nutritional value of raw pies with meat filling, thanks to which a hearty dish helped brave warriors quickly renew their energy forces after long-term heavy battles.

    Translated from the Crimean Tatar language, cheburek is interpreted as a raw pie. Caucasian culinary specialists prepared this dish exclusively with finely chopped lamb, beef and pork, supplied with a large number of various hot spices. HozOboz will show photos of chebureks with cheese, which have an amazingly delicate taste.

    Ingredients for chebureks

    • filtered water - 150 g;
    • salt - 5 g;
    • granulated sugar - 5 g;
    • wheat flour - 400 g;
    • margarine - 50 g;
    • hard cheese - 300 g;
    • vegetable oil - 0.2 l.

    Chebureks with cheese: a step by step recipe with a photo

    1. Pour cold boiled water into a deep bowl.

      Pour 150 grams of cold water into a bulk container designed for kneading dough.

    2. Add salt.

      Salt the water.

    3. Pour the above amount of granulated sugar. Mix the ingredients well until the sugar and salt are dissolved in the water.

      Add sugar.

    4. Pass 150 grams of wheat flour through a sieve and pour it into a bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

      Sift 1/3 of the flour and pour it into the water.

    5. Stir the ingredients of the dish until it becomes a homogeneous mass.

      Combine the ingredients by stirring vigorously with a spoon until a mass similar in consistency to low-fat sour cream is formed.

    6. Melt the margarine in a steam bath or microwave.

      Melt the margarine in the microwave or in a bowl on the stove.

    7. Pour hot melted margarine into a bowl.

      Place the melted margarine into the batter.

    8. Add the rest of the sifted wheat flour.

      Pour the rest of the flour into the dough.

    9. Knead soft dough.

      Prepare pastry dough.

    10. Wrap the plastic dough with cling film and put it in the refrigerator for 7-10 minutes.

      Wrap the dough with cling film and place it in a cold place until the preparation of the cheese filling is completed.

    11. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater. As a filling, you can use any kind of hard and processed cheese.

      Shred the cheese with a coarse grater.

    12. Roll out thin dough no more than 0.5 cm thick.

      Make thin dough.

    13. Prepare the base for pasties.

      Using a silicone knife and a saucer, cut out the dough base.

    14. Place a slide of grated cheese on the edge of the pasty base.

      Pour a small portion of the cheese filling onto the dough cake.

    15. Pinch the edges of the dough with a fork.

      Use a fork to secure the edges of the pastry.

    16. Fry pasties in a hot pan in a large amount of boiling oil until golden brown.

      Put the dough pieces in a pan containing a lot of vegetable oil.

    17. You need to eat pasties with cheese in a hot state, as the cheese filling melts in your mouth.

      You need to eat pasties with cheese in a hot state, as the cheese filling melts in your mouth.

    18. Bon appetit.

      Bon appetit.

    Variety of cooking options

    The recipe shown in this review with a photo of chebureks with cheese is the easiest way to prepare a delicious crispy dish. If you want to regularly surprise loved ones with a non-trivial performance of a dish loved by everyone since Soviet times, you can periodically include the following types of culinary products in the daily menu:

    • pasties with cheese and herbs should be prepared in a similar way with the addition of fried onions, finely chopped cilantro, parsley and dill;
    • pasties with cheese and mushrooms can be made with champignons, chanterelles or honey mushrooms fried to a ruddy color;
    • pasties with cheese and tomatoes can be supplemented with sesame seeds and herbs.

    Chebureks with stewed cabbage, boiled eggs, cottage cheese or any other additives can be cooked in the traditional way on the stove or using the oven, slow cooker or microwave. Due to the minimal addition of vegetable oil to the baking dish, pasties will turn out to be less fatty and high-calorie.

    Useful properties of pasties

    Thanks to the use of lean dough and healthy hard cheese, pasties have a beneficial effect on the body. Hard cheese contains a large amount of protein, due to which its use can fully replace the need to eat meat. This dish is great for vegetarians who welcome the use of sour-milk foods. In addition, hard cheese contains vitamin B and fatty acids that improve memory, replenish energy costs and normalize sleep for people suffering from insomnia. Due to the high calorie content of chebureks, cooked by frying in a large amount of vegetable oil, nutritionists recommend eating this dish in the morning or for lunch.

    A hot appetizer with airy bubble dough and melt-in-your-mouth cheese, smeared with sour cream, will bring great pleasure to all participants in the meal. Homemade chebureks will certainly delight you with their amazing taste and surprise others with an unusual cheese filling.

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