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Calamari in batter

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 196
  • Protein: 13.48
  • Fats: 12.33
  • Carbohydrates: 6.26
    Кальмары в кляре

    Squid appetizers are so popular all over the world that it's hard to say where they are not cooked at all. Today we have an adapted dish of Chinese cuisine - squid in batter. Peeled from films and chopped into portioned oval slices, soaked in unleavened egg dough and deep-fried - and there are fried squids in batter. Surprisingly delicate rings in a crispy crust can be a great snack option for the festive table for those who like to savor beer.

    A bit of history

    In Chinese cuisine, squid dishes appeared so long ago that it is impossible to voice the dates of the first preparation. But, according to history, cephalopod meat was eaten almost raw or in a small marinade. Squid in batter is rather an adapted European version, but it was widely used earlier in the Mediterranean countries and gradually reached Russia. With the advent fresh-frozen squids in free sale squids in batter have become a favorite snack for beer for most Russians.


    • Frozen squids - 5-6 carcasses;
    • Boiling water - 2 cups;
    • Chicken eggs - 2 pieces;
    • Wheat flour - about a glass;
    • Salt and a mixture of peppers - to the taste of the cook;
    • Refined oil - 1.5 cups;
    • Tomato sauce - for serving.

    Instructions for cooking squid in batter

    1. For snacks, we will use freshly frozen unpeeled squid carcasses.

      Let's prepare squid carcasses.

    2. Fill the shellfish with boiling water until the skin is curtailed. Squids need to be drowned for a while in water. Boiling squid before cleaning is not recommended, and then it is not necessary, otherwise the battered rings will not turn out as tender as intended.

      Put the raw squid in a bowl and pour boiling water over so that the skin curls up, which then needs to be removed.

    3. Next, move on to cleaning. First, it removes the skin, which has already practically moved away from boiling water. We cut off the head part, and leave only the body. From it blanks for batter will be perfectly formed.

      Now we clean the carcasses and cut off the front part, thereby forming blanks of the desired size.

    4. We turn each abdomen alternately with the insides outward and remove all unnecessary. We recommend paying special attention to the spine. A transparent solid thread (chord) is sometimes simply not noticed when cutting.

      Now each carcass must be turned inside out and thoroughly removed everything superfluous, including the transparent chord, which must be disposed of by all means.

    5. An equally important point in cleaning is the removal of films. They need to be pry off with a fingernail and carefully removed from the inside and outside. Thanks to this, the dish turns out incredibly tender.

      It is important to get rid of all the films so the dish will turn out especially tender.

    6. Squids are cleaned!

      This should look like peeled and ready-to-use squid.

    7. Now we cut them wide, but if possible the same rings. Wavy edges of carcasses are not used for squid snacks in batter.

      Cut the carcasses into wide strips avoiding the wavy edge - we will not use it.

    8. We put the rings in a bowl and start working on the dough in which we will fry them.

      Let's start preparing the dough for batter.

    9. We will use warm chicken eggs to make the batter lush. We slightly heat them in warm water, and then break them into a kneading container.

      Put the eggs warmed up in warm water in a bowl.

    10. Beat with a mixer until foam with bubbles.

      Beat the eggs with a mixer into the foam.

    11. Now you need to add flour, but in parts. First, pour a little less than half a glass and continue to beat, and then quickly introduce the remainder.

      Without ceasing to beat, we introduce a little flour.

    12. The resulting batter should not be thick, but liquid too. The dough is approximately like pancakes - the best option.

      Make sure that the dough is neither too thick nor too thin.

    13. The blanks are ready and the batter too - we proceed directly to the preparation of squid in batter. Salt the rings and lightly season with a mixture of peppers.

      Salt and pepper the squid to taste.

    14. Pour the dough into a bowl with squid and soak them. Mixing by hand is allowed.

      Pour batter into a bowl with squid and mix everything with your hands.

    15. We heat up a saucepan or any other container with high sides with the addition of refined oil. Set the heating temperature to the middle. Carefully put the rings into the boiling oil, strictly one at a time and with completely dry hands. Any drop of water can result in a lot of splashes of hot oil. So at this stage, extreme care is needed. Turn over with kitchen tongs after 3 minutes. They also protect against getting grease on your hands.

      Put the squids in a saucepan with vegetable oil with dry hands, which in the process should be turned over with tongs.

    16. It is very convenient to use a special protective net for frying in home deep fat.

      If it is possible to roast safely, use a protective grid.

    17. Fried squids in batter remove one ringlet directly on a paper towel or napkin. This will help to remove some excess fat.

      Put the finished squids one by one on a paper towel to get rid of excess fat.

    18. The appetizer is ready, which means it's time to lay it out on serving dishes and complement it with a suitable sauce. We settled on spicy tomato ketchup.

      Put the finished fried squids on plates and season with your favorite sauce.

    19. Whatever you say, squid rings in batter are a stunningly tasty and indispensable dish for buffet table or beer party.

      Believe me, such an appetizer will become indispensable for any beer party. Enjoy your holiday!

    Cooking options:

    • Batter for squid snacks can be not only egg, but also yeast and even beer. To prepare beer batter, plus the main ingredients, you will need any alcoholic beer (preferably draft beer).
    • Yeast batter is prepared in the likeness of pancake yeast dough.

    About the benefits of cephalopod meat

    • Squid meat contains a range of essential and vital nutrients.
    • A huge amount of vitamins: C, E, PP, B1, B2, B6.
    • Many minerals: iodine, phosphorus, copper, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, strong, nickel.
    • In terms of protein composition, squid is a big leader, which means that tender shellfish meat easily replaces chicken and beef.
    • There is no cholesterol in squid.

    Homemade squid in batter, the recipe of which we reviewed today, is an excellent snack dish, isn't it? Suitable not only for a buffet table or a youth beer party, but also for a festive picnic menu for an off-site plan, for example. We hope that you really liked the recipe itself with detailed instructions for proper cleaning of squids and its simplicity in making batter. Hozoboz will be happy to tell you about other interesting dishes that can be deep-fried.

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