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Brushwood recipe

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 431
  • Protein: 8.67
  • Fats: 18.16
  • Carbohydrates: 55.26
    Хворост рецепт

    When there is not much time and desire to engage in the preparation of desserts with complex execution technology, it is worth using the crispy brushwood recipe. The composition of this dish includes products that are always available in the refrigerator. Due to the absence of yeast in the dough, it is not necessary to wait long for the process of walking a lush flour mass to be completed. After kneading the lean dough, you can immediately form small sticks and send them one by one to the deep fryer, where in a matter of minutes they will turn into a golden treat.

    The history of the dish

    The recipe for delicious brushwood has been known to most Russian culinary specialists since the beginning of the 19th century. A dish of Greek origin was in great demand among the peasants, as it did not require the addition of expensive components. Due to the external similarity of the dessert with the Kazakh chak-chak, it is often confused. In Ukraine, cooks use a simple recipe for brushwood to prepare lush verguns.

    Since ancient times, the recipe for brushwood has been actively used by monks and Orthodox believers, who strictly adhere to a limited diet during fasts. At the moment, a strict Great Lent is taking place, so it’s worth taking note of a simple recipe for homemade brushwood.

    A lot of time has passed since the appearance of this amazingly delicious dish on the tables of the inhabitants of Rus'. Despite the emergence of many new and varied sweets, many cooks still use the recipe for thin, crispy brushwood to this day. This delicacy has the same name with the wood material needed to light a fire, because of the tasty base crispy during consumption. So that everyone who wants to taste the taste of unusual cookies can prepare an unusual-shaped dessert without any difficulties, hozOboz decided to demonstrate step by step the recipe for brushwood with a photo.

    Ingredients needed to create a delicious dessert

    • selected chicken eggs - 2 pcs.;
    • granulated sugar - 20 g;
    • sour cream 21% fat - 200 g;
    • vanilla sugar - 10 g;
    • vodka - 20 g;
    • premium wheat flour - 250 g;
    • vegetable oil - 250 g;
    • powdered sugar - 100 g.

    The process of preparing a classic brushwood recipe consists of the following steps

    1. Place chicken eggs in a deep container and beat them with a whisk or mixer.

      Crack the eggs and mix vigorously with a whisk.

    2. Add the required amount of granulated sugar.

      Place the above measure of sugar in the bowl.

    3. Pour in the sour cream. It is preferable to use home-made dairy products with a high degree of fat content.

      Put the sour cream in a container with the rest of the ingredients of the dish.

    4. Sprinkle in vanilla sugar for a heavenly flavor to any baked goods.

      Add vanilla sugar, which can be replaced with cinnamon.

    5. Pour the required dose of vodka or food alcohol, which will make the dish crispy and well compressed.

      Place the desired measure of vodka in the bowl.

    6. Pass the wheat flour through a sieve.

      Sift the flour and add it to the bowl.

    7. Knead an elastic dough from which it will be easy to form a thin layer.

      Thoroughly mix the ingredients included in the brushwood cookie recipe and make a tight dough.

    8. Roll out the dough thinly.

      Shape the dough into a 3-5 mm thick layer.

    9. Using a culinary knife, make thin slices of dough.

      Cut the dough-like layer into many strips with a width of 4-5 cm.

    10. Make a small cut in the central part of the flour plate.

      In the center of the confectionery, make a hole no more than 3 cm long.

    11. Pass one of the ends of the pasty strip through the hole made.

      Take the product by one of the tank parts and thread it through the incision.

    12. Pour vegetable oil into a saucepan or deep fryer and place on the stove.

      Place vegetable oil in a deep fryer or a small saucepan.

    13. Gently lower the flour products into the boiling oil and quickly remove the brushwood, which is cooked for 1 minute.

      Place the half cooked cookies in a well-heated butter for 60 seconds.

    14. Put the dish on a paper napkin or waffle towel, due to which the excess vegetable oil is leveled. Dust generously with powdered sugar.

      Place the cookies on a table napkin and top the dessert with powdered sugar.

    Variations of the lush brushwood recipe

    If you want to cook a lean dish, you must exclude the addition of sour cream or milk, which is often found in the brushwood recipe. You can make similar cookies step by step, but replace the vegetable oil with an olive counterpart, and use cognac, whiskey or rum instead of vodka.

    This amazingly delicious treat can be created in a different way by making a thick liquid dough with the addition of milk. By quickly pouring the liquid base of the dessert into boiling oil, you can make brushwood of any desired shape.
    As a decoration of the dish, you can use icing, finely chopped nuts, coconut flakes or sweet confectionery powder.

    The benefits of the dish

    A recipe for brushwood with a photo will help you quickly prepare a tasty and healthy delicacy. The addition of natural sour cream, vegetable oil and wheat flour will provide an opportunity to create a dessert without the addition of preservatives and dyes, often found in industrial sweets. The only caveat is that a high-calorie flour product must be consumed in moderation. If you are not worried about the likelihood of quickly gaining extra pounds of weight, then you can safely enjoy the amazing taste of these sweets. hozOboz recommends making a double portion of the brushwood loved by many since childhood, because after the first sample of an appetizing looking and smelling freshly prepared dessert, it will quickly leave no trace on the plate.

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