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Brushwood on vodka

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 376
  • Protein: 7.14
  • Fats: 18.89
  • Carbohydrates: 41.79
    Хворост на водке

    For lovers of delicious and mouth-watering homemade cakes, today it is proposed to make a classic brushwood recipe with vodka, which is simple and easy to bake without extra food costs. Due to the presence of a small amount of vodka in the dough, pastries are obtained with a crispy note. It's nice to crunch with brushwood while drinking tea! A small amount of the most common products in the end gives us the opportunity to get a decent slide of crispy brushwood!

    History of the dish

    Some consider brushwood an oriental sweetness, but they were the first to make it in Rus'. In general, brushwood is a small cookie made from simple products: flour, eggs, salt. There is an opinion that such a simple delicacy, due to the cheapness of products, was the first to be made in monasteries. And the cookies got such a name due to the fact that when used, the crunch resembled dried twigs in the forest.


    • Raw chicken egg - 2 pieces (standard size);
    • Salt - the third part of a teaspoon;
    • Vodka - 1 tablespoon;
    • Wheat flour of the highest grade - 1 glass with a slide;
    • Powdered sugar - about 3 tablespoons;
    • Deep-frying oil (vegetable) - as needed.

    Recipe step by step

    1. We begin to prepare brushwood with vodka recipe with a photo step by step, having got acquainted with the list of ingredients required for baking. We measure products in the right quantity. For kneading dough, we should choose a wide and deep container-bowl so that it is convenient to knead the dough for brushwood in it. You also need to take a rolling pin, a whisk, a sharp knife (some hostesses use a pizza cutter), a slotted spoon, a saucepan or a saucepan for frying brushwood.

      We prepare ingredients for cooking brushwood

    2. At the initial stage of kneading dough for delicious brushwood on vodka, we hammer a couple of standard-sized chicken eggs into a prepared convenient bowl.

      We break chicken eggs into a bowl

    3. We throw the declared amount of salted spice into a bowl with chicken eggs.

      Add salt to the eggs

    4. Eggs, along with salt, should now be mixed so that a homogeneous egg mixture is obtained in the end. A whisk is well suited for this procedure. It is not necessary to beat the components strongly, just enough to completely dissolve the salt.

      Beat eggs with salt

    5. To make our homemade brushwood on vodka very crispy, pour a tablespoon of an alcoholic drink - vodka into the egg mixture.

      Add a spoonful of vodka to the egg mixture

    6. Mix the ingredients a little again, start adding premium flour in small portions. Adding it in parts, immediately interfering with the eggs. It is recommended to sift the flour before adding it in order to avoid the ingress of small debris-specks, and at the same time enrich it with oxygen.

      Add flour in portions

    7. Knead stiff dough for homemade brushwood.

      Knead the dough

    8. Now you need to divide the resulting piece of dough into smaller pieces (well, 4 or 5). We roll each dough piece into a layer of thin thickness, which we cut with a sharp knife or pizza cutter into small strips-blanks. In the middle of each strip we make an incision for further formation of brushwood on vodka for frying.

      We cut the dough layer into strips with holes in the center

    9. Take one end of the strip and turn it through the hole in the center. It is recommended to immediately make all the brushwood, since the further process of frying it requires attention, you simply will not have time to be distracted.

      We form brushwood

    10. Fill the pan with oil. We warm up the oil optimally. We alternately lower the blanks of our brushwood into the boiling oil. We keep brushwood in oil for about 1 minute, maybe a little more.

      We fry brushwood

    11. We take out the finished brushwood from the boiling oil, using a slotted spoon, put it on paper napkins.

      We take out the brushwood from the pan with a slotted spoon

    12. Sprinkle the finished crispy product with sweet powder.

      We sprinkle brushwood with powder

    13. Homemade brushwood on vodka is ready, help yourself to your health!

      Homemade brushwood on vodka is ready, help yourself to your health!

    The benefits of brushwood

    Brushwood, since it is cooked using deep fat, it turned out to be high-calorie for us. Such baking will be useful for those who have lowered immunity and who are experiencing depletion of the body. We advise the rest of the layman simply not to lean on the most delicious brushwood and use it in moderation. Although it is difficult to refuse such sweetness!

    We have prepared delicious brushwood at home, which is nice to serve with your favorite drinks: be it even fragrant tea, coffee or compote. The proposed culinary variation is just one of the gastronomic methods of preparing brushwood. And you can still make brushwood on milk, on kefir. This cake is also very appetizing. We hope that our recipe for brushwood on vodka will become popular with you, and you will cook it more than once! Have a nice and tasty meal everyone!

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