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Biscuit in a multicooker

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 284
  • Protein: 8
  • Fats: 5
  • Carbohydrates: 50
    Бисквит в мультиварке

    There is nothing easier than making a biscuit in a slow cooker. Today HozOboz will tell you how to cook this dish correctly and easily. Biscuit is the basis of the basics, from which you can later cook whatever you want. It is used for making cakes, pastries, various desserts. In a crushed form, a simple biscuit in a slow cooker will serve as a “material” for the famous Potato cake. If it is cut into cubes and smeared with cream, you get simple sweet treats. There are a lot of options. Let's first learn how to make a classic biscuit in a slow cooker. Follow all our recommendations, and the dish will definitely turn out!

    History of the dish

    The very word "biscuit" is of French origin and means "baked twice". Biscuit is a favorite delicacy of many sweet teeth, but its appearance as a gourmet dessert happened only recently. But in the Middle Ages, this dish was prepared by English sailors. It's all about the duration of storage, which was necessary on long voyages and around the world trips. After all, the biscuit does not contain oil in its composition, which protects the finished dish from mold. The transformation of the biscuit into the food of the nobility happened by chance, when the courtier of Queen Elizabeth had a chance to try the food of ordinary sailors and he was completely delighted. Biscuit products with layers of jam were called "Victorian", because Queen Victoria loved them very much. In the 17th century, the biscuit became popular in France, and then successfully spread throughout the world. If you want to feel like true Englishmen, then take on a traditional afternoon cup of tea with biscuits, and we will tell you how to cook a biscuit in a slow cooker below.

    Pay attention to the basic rules to get a lush and tasty biscuit in a slow cooker:

    • The main thing in the preparation of a biscuit is the correct beating of eggs. To do this, separate the egg yolks and whites very carefully to avoid mixing them.
    • Also, when whipping, you should follow these rules: the container must be dry and clean; you should degrease the bowl where the proteins will be whipped. We use lemon juice for this.
    • Proteins first beat separately (without sugar), gradually increasing the speed of the mixer, and after turning them into foam, add sugar in a thin stream. While constantly whisking.
    • Mix the ingredients easily (I use two spoons), moving from bottom to top.
    • Do not overdo it with thorough mixing! Very valuable air bubbles must be preserved in the dough, with the help of which the cake will rise and be voluminous.
    • After preparing the dough, it should be baked immediately, otherwise it will “settle”.
    • Do not open the lid of the multicooker until the biscuit is completely cooked.


    • Eggs - 4 pieces
    • Sugar - 150 g
    • Flour - 100 g
    • Vanilla sugar - 1 teaspoon


    1. Prepare two clean containers, carefully separate the egg whites and yolks in them.

      We put two bowls on the table and separate the yolks and proteins in them.

    2. We will beat the yolks with half the norm of sugar and add vanilla sugar. The output should be a white mass, increased in volume.

      Add about half of the necessary sugar and vanilla to the yolks and beat with a mixer.

    3. Now let's move on to whipping the proteins. First, beat them at a slow speed until a gentle foam is obtained, then, increasing the speed of the mixer, we will add a little sugar. You should get a stable lush mass that will not spill out of the container.

      Let's move on to the squirrels. First, beat at low speed into foam, and then increase the speed and start adding sugar a little at a time. We finish whipping when the Christmas trees turn into a stable lush foam that will hold firmly in the bowl.

    4. Prepare a wide bowl for mixing the biscuit dough. Pour the beaten yolks into it, add a third of the beaten proteins.

      In a large container, mix the yolks and a third of the protein foam.

    5. Mix with gentle movements.

      Gently mix the dough with a spatula.

    6. Next, add the sifted flour and mix gently again.

      Now add some flour and mix everything gently again.

    7. Add the rest of the whipped proteins and finally mix with bottom-up movements.

      At the end of the crowns, add all the remaining Christmas trees and stir everything thoroughly with gentle movements from the bottom up.

    8. Prepare the pot from the multicooker, grease the bottom with vegetable oil and pour out the dough.

      Lubricate the container of the multicooker with vegetable oil and pour the dough into it.

    9. We will bake for 60 minutes in the "Baking" mode.

      It is necessary to cook a biscuit in the "Baking" mode for 60 minutes.

    10. The dish is ready.

      That's all - the biscuit is ready.

    11. Now you know how easy it is to bake a biscuit for a cake in a slow cooker. To turn a biscuit into a cake, it must be left to lie on the table for 8 hours, then cut, soaked in syrup and layered with your favorite cream.

      To turn a biscuit into a cake, it must be cooled, cut into the required amount of cake and smeared with cream.

    There are some variations on how to cook a biscuit in a slow cooker. For chocolate cake or pastries, cocoa should be added to the dough, then you get a chocolate biscuit in a slow cooker. In the dough, you can add citrus zest, chopped nuts, which are pre-mixed with flour. A real tasty pie is a biscuit with apples in a slow cooker. To do this, the fruit must be cut into small pieces and pour dough on top. A honey biscuit in a slow cooker has a pleasant aroma.

    The benefits of the dish

    Biscuit has a high nutritional value, so you should not get carried away with it (unless, of course, you are a seafarer). The dish is well digested, as a dessert it is not too high in calories. For the human body, durum wheat flour will be more useful in cooking; it is better to use refined olive oil to lubricate the mold. Also, cooking a biscuit with the addition of honey in a slow cooker should take into account the fact that carcinogens can form from honey in baking, so it is recommended to use honey as a bite. You can eat no more than 150 g of biscuit per day, this will not affect body weight. The dish contains vitamins, trace elements, cholesterol, animal and vegetable proteins, fats, carbohydrates. HozOboz hopes that you managed to understand the basics of cooking, and now you can further experiment with ready-made sponge cake, creating your own culinary masterpieces! Indeed, the basis for many sweet dishes is a biscuit in a slow cooker (recipes can be found on our website).

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