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Bigus in a slow cooker

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 143
  • Protein: 5.3
  • Fats: 10.8
  • Carbohydrates: 5.2
    Бигус в мультиварке

    An old Polish-Lithuanian dish called bigus or bigos is a simple nutritious dish, which is stewed sauerkraut with meat products. Initially, it was very popular with the villagers and hunters, who prepared it with the addition of game. Any hostess in Poland and Lithuania can boast of her own bigus recipe with its secrets and tricks, thanks to which it has a special unique taste in every home. It is easy to diversify it by adding various meat components, among which pork, beef, game, as well as all kinds of smoked meats are often used, giving the dish an amazing flavor.

    Bigus is such a common dish that even poets mentioned it in their brilliant creations, praising the unsurpassed taste characteristics of this dish. Hozoboz will reveal all the subtleties of its preparation using a modern device - a multicooker, in which fragrant bigus can be made even by a novice hostess.

    History of the dish

    There are several versions regarding the country of origin of the traditional bigus recipe. Many sources point to his Polish origin. However, there is an opinion that King Jagiello, who was a big lover of game bigus, borrowed the recipe from Lithuanian chefs. The Hozoboz website offers its modern variation with step-by-step photos, but in the old days bigus was distinguished by an unusually long cooking time. He could languish in ovens for up to five days, removing only at night. It was believed that its taste improves every day - this dish was always allowed to brew. Today, bigus in a slow cooker is cooked much easier and faster. At the same time, thanks to uniform heating, the taste of the dish becomes as close as possible to the original.


    • Sauerkraut - 550 g,
    • Fresh white cabbage - 450 g,
    • Lean boneless pork - 300 g,
    • Smoked sausage or hunting sausages - 160 g,
    • Onion - 110 g,
    • Carrots - 90 g,
    • Pitted small prunes - 75 g,
    • Vegetable oil - 46 ml,
    • Cumin - 2 g,
    • Greens - 25 g,
    • Water - 170 ml,
    • Salt.

    Bigus cooked in a slow cooker often includes a variety of additives. In addition to the main ingredients - cabbage and meat, the recipe may contain:

    • mushrooms,
    • dry wine,
    • dried fruits,
    • tomatoes,
    • rice.

    Cooking method

    1. My pork, cut into small pieces of arbitrary shape.

      Pork must be washed and cut into small portions.

    2. Chop the onion with a knife.

      Peel and chop the onion.

    3. Peel the carrots, rub.

      Peel the carrots and grind on a grater.

    4. Pour oil into the bowl from the multicooker. Spread the pork, add.

      Pour a little vegetable oil into the container of the multicooker and put the pre-cut and slightly salted pork.

    5. We select the "Frying" mode with a time of 25 minutes. We cook with the lid open, stirring “photo 5” several times.

      Set the multicooker to the "Frying" mode and, without closing the lid, cook the meat for 25 minutes.

    6. 10 minutes before the end of the regime, add chopped vegetables. Mix.

      Approximately 10 minutes before the end of the allotted time, add chopped vegetables to the meat.

    7. We cut the sausage into cubes.

      Cut the sausage into large straws.

    8. Shred white cabbage, lightly add.

      Shred and salt fresh cabbage.

    9. We fall asleep sauerkraut for meat. Add water, stir. We close the multicooker. We set the "Extinguishing" mode, 1.5 hours.

      In a container with stewed vegetables, add sauerkraut and pour in a little water. Then we cover the lid and cook the dish in the "Extinguishing" mode for one and a half hours.

    10. After 25 minutes, add chopped fresh cabbage. If she starts up a little juice, you can add a little more water.

      After 25 minutes of the total cooking time, pour in the pre-chopped white cabbage and, if necessary, add a little more water.

    11. Pour cumin. We put the sausage, washed prunes into the bowl from the multicooker. Mix, cook until the end of the selected program.

      Then add cumin, chopped sausage, prunes and cook until the end of the programmed time.

    12. We lay out the finished bigus in portions, decorate with greens, serve with black bread.

      When the bigus is cooked, put it hot on plates and serve with fresh herbs and brown bread.

    Many people prefer to cook bigus with rice in a slow cooker. This ingredient significantly increases the volume of a nutritious dish, while slightly diluting its rich taste. This recipe suggests adding pre-washed rice half an hour before the meal is ready. In this case, it will be necessary to pour water in proportion with cereals 2.5: 1.

    When included in the recipe of tomato paste, it is diluted with broth or dry wine. In this case, increase the volume of fresh and reduce the amount of sauerkraut. If the meat components in bigus are fatty pork varieties - ribs, brisket, with significant inclusions of fat, they are fried without oil, allowing excess fat to be rendered. Such a dish perfectly retains all its taste characteristics after defrosting, so it is often cooked in large quantities with subsequent freezing.

    The benefits of the dish

    Bigus is a dish that includes many products valuable for the body. Such real homemade food harmoniously combines vegetable and meat components. One of the main ingredients - cabbage is of great benefit in fresh and sauerkraut form. The latter contains many vitamins, amino acids, minerals and flavonoids. Cabbage boasts anti-carcinogenic properties, a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, the ability to remove cholesterol, strengthen bones and hair. The meat components of the dish will fill the body with the protein it needs. Their use has a good effect on the bone and nervous system.

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