Berry cocktail

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    Ягодный коктейль

    On the pages of our site, we talk much less often about drinks than about food, and therefore today we decided to correct this unfortunate injustice and offer you a recipe for a wonderful cocktail that can diversify your diet at any time of the year. Let's prepare a berry cocktail. For such a drink, you can use any berries at your discretion and get a new taste every time. Moreover, by excluding some ingredients or replacing them with less high-calorie ones, you can concoct an amazing berry smoothie for weight loss or dietary nutrition.

    However, today we did not pursue such a goal and decided to treat ourselves to a not quite low-calorie, but delicious-tasting dessert.


    • Milk - 400 ml
    • Ice cream - 2 tbsp.
    • Blueberries - 40 gr
    • Raspberry - 40 gr
    • Strawberries - 50 gr
    • Powdered sugar - to taste

    How to make a milkshake:

    1. First, prepare all the necessary products;

      Let's start by preparing the necessary ingredients.

    2. Place washed and peeled berries in a shaker bowl;

      Wash and clean the berries, then put them in a shaker.

    3. Add ice cream to the berries;

      Following the berries, we send ice cream into the bowl.

    4. Pour milk, preferably cold;

      Now pour cold milk into the future cocktail.

    5. Close the bowl and whisk the cocktail until foam appears on the surface;

      We mix all the ingredients at the maximum speed of the shaker until foam is formed

    6. Pour the cocktail into glasses and enjoy your meal - the dessert is ready!

      Pour the finished cocktail into glasses and serve chilled, garnishing with berries.

    The benefits of the dish

    Before we find out which berry cocktail, or rather its recipe, we have prepared for you, let's talk a little about the history of this drink, its features and benefits.

    A cocktail is a liquid drink that can be obtained by mixing two or more ingredients. The basis for a cocktail is always an alcoholic or non-alcoholic liquid, but fruits, berries, and sometimes even vegetables can also be used as other ingredients. This drink, prepared on the basis of alcohol, has become so widespread that buffets of the same name dedicated to drinking it and even entire festivals are held all over the world. Previously, an alcoholic cocktail was considered a drink only for the elite and not everyone could afford it.

    Preparing a cocktail is also not an easy task; for this, you need to master the art of a bartender and be able to mix all the alcoholic ingredients correctly and in the right proportions, otherwise there is a danger of a severe hangover or even alcohol poisoning. Things are much easier with non-alcoholic drinks of this kind, one of which, by the way, we will prepare. The milk berry cocktail that we will offer you today is just one of the options that can be easily transformed by using not milk, but yogurt or fruit juice as a base. These cocktails are often referred to as mocktails. This name comes from the merger of two English words Mock - feigned, imaginary, fictional and Cocktail - a cocktail. Thus, literally, it means that such a soft drink is not a cocktail at all, but only some kind of it.

    At the same time, in the non-alcoholic version, which is considered not real, even based on the name, there is much more benefit than in its alcoholic counterpart. And if we talk about our version based on milk and ripe juicy berries, there is nothing to discuss here. So, about the benefits in more detail. Let's start with the berries that we decided to use in this recipe.

    Blueberries are not the most familiar product for us, which many often associate with blueberries, they are just large in size. But blueberries are not as simple as we imagine them to be. Based on the unique composition, and it contains many vitamins A, PP, K and C, organic acids, tannins, fiber and pectin, the berry has a diuretic, choleretic and anti-inflammatory effect. It perfectly reduces blood pressure and sugar levels, and also normalizes the functioning of the intestines and pancreas.

    The raspberry we chose for the cocktail has a great effect on the skin condition due to the high content of vitamins A and E. In addition, raspberries boast the presence of almost all B vitamins, as well as vitamins C and PP. She knows how to stimulate the intestines and prevent constipation, it is useful for hypertension and even a common cold.

    Strawberries are another hero of our drink. This vitamin berry also contains folic acid and fiber, and is also rich in keratin, pectins and organic acids. The content of various chemical elements from iron to manganese is also unusually high in it, and this is the strength of strawberries. Strawberry consumption is shown to almost everyone without restrictions, with the exception of cases of individual intolerance, gastritis and ulcers.

    In addition to the fact that all the berries we have chosen are so useful, we are preparing a milk-based cocktail, and this is solid calcium. Now even those who could not drink milk before will adore it, because in a cocktail the aroma of berries perfectly complements the creamy taste of dairy products. Well, ice cream turns our cocktail from a drink into a real dessert. Moreover, in the season when fresh berries are not available, you can easily use frozen ones - so this is a cocktail for all time!

    As you can see for yourself, preparing a drink is not difficult, and reviews say that the berry cocktail tastes just fine. Therefore, there is no doubt that you should immediately prepare and try it. By the way, if you want to reduce the number of calories, we advise you to make a cocktail on yogurt or kefir, you can even skim it, and without adding ice cream. To get an excellent soft drink in a cocktail before mixing, you can add ice cubes and get a kind of milk frapé. And for those who are suddenly not sweet enough, we advise you to add more ice cream or just powdered sugar. We do not recommend using sand sugar - it will not dissolve in cold milk and will crunch under your teeth. So try, experiment and write. We are waiting for comments and new recipes. We are always glad to be useful - always your HozOboz.

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