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Belgian waffles recipe

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 274
  • Protein: 5
  • Fats: 14
  • Carbohydrates: 30

    Welcome, dear readers. Today we are preparing a world famous dessert - Belgian waffles in a waffle iron. Delicious, moderately sweet and not too fatty, they will decorate any feast or ordinary family dinner. Belgian waffles and their recipe have been known for a long time. Who and when invented them this is what we will talk today. It is also important what the waffles should be cooked in. We offer our Belgian waffles and their recipe for an electric waffle iron and insist that this is how they will get the proper taste and condition. In the meantime, a little history.

    History of the dish

    First of all, waffles are a very common dish. That is why there are a huge number of their varieties in the world. Here are just a few of them: English, Austrian or Viennese, Czech and Norwegian krumkake, Dutch stropwafl and others. And even the heroes of our review - soft Belgian Brussels-style waffles are not the only ones of their kind, except of it, the same proud name is also borne by Liège waffles, which are baked with pieces of caramelized sugar and become crispy.

    The soft Belgian waffle recipe dictates serving hot and sprinkling with powdered sugar before serving. And we personally highly recommend maple syrup as well - it turns out amazingly tasty. But who invented this charm? It happened a long time ago, but waffles became popular only by 1958, when it was serve at the World Exhibition in Brussels with cream and fresh strawberries. Meanwhile, in Belgium itself, crispy Belgian waffles known as Liege are more popular, but today we are not talking about them. So, let's start with the main thing - prepare the dough for the Belgian waffles.


    • Butter - 100 g
    • Milk - 500 ml
    • Flour - 300 g
    • Baking powder for dough - 10 g
    • Salt - 1-2 tsp
    • Eggs - 2 pcs.
    • Granulated sugar - 75 g

    How to make Belgian waffles in a waffle iron, step by step recipe:

    1. First of all, you need to prepare the necessary products;

      Prepare in advance everything you need for cooking

    2. Flour must be brightened;

      Sift flour into a bowl

    3. Add salt and baking powder to the flour;

      Mix flour with salt and baking powder

    4. Mix dry ingredients;

      Mix all dry products with a whisk

    5. Put in granulated sugar;

      Add granulated sugar to the future dough

    6. Make a deepening and drive eggs into the dough;

      Add two eggs to the dry ingredients

    7. Melt the butter and add it to the dough too;

      The butter must first be melted, and then also sent to the dough

    8. Add vanilla sugar;

      Pour in vanilla sugar as well

    9. Add milk in small portions;

      It's time to add milk to the dough

    10. Mix the dough well until smooth;

      Knead the dough so that it becomes homogeneous

    11. Cover the dough and leave for an hour;

      In order for the dough to stand, it must be left for about an hour under the lid

    12. After an hour, heat up the waffle iron;

      Now it's time to heat up the waffle iron

    13. Sprinkle the form with vegetable oil;

      Waffle iron should be greased with vegetable oil

    14. Pour a portion of the dough into each mold;

      Pour a portion of the dough into a hot waffle iron

    15. Bake waffles for three minutes;

      The waffles are baked for exactly three minutes

    16. Remove the finished waffles on a plate;

      As soon as the waffles are well browned, they must be removed from the waffle iron

    17. Finished waffles should be sprinkled with sugar powder and covered with maple syrup. Serve waffles with berries;

      Ready-made fluffy waffles sprinkle with sugar powder and serve with maple syrup and berries

    The benefits of the dish

    It is difficult to say how much benefit this dessert has. Obviously, you are unlikely to get a lot of vitamins from this dish. But there is much taste, much aroma and amazing sweet pleasure. Try it, you will definitely like it. And tell us about your favourite desserts. What are you cooking for sweets? How are you used to please your loved ones? Let's cook together. The result will be overwhelming. Your HozOboz!

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