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Banana pie in the oven

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 253
  • Protein: 5.82
  • Fats: 3.31
  • Carbohydrates: 48.27
    Банановый пирог в духовке

    Delicious homemade cakes are the best way to diversify tea gatherings with girlfriends, colleagues or relatives. It is quite easy to prepare a delicious treat using the available ingredients. For example, today we have a simple banana pie on the menu, which does not require a lot of ingredients to prepare. The banana note makes the cake taste good. Following our recipe, at the end of baking you will be glad for the delicate structure of the cake. Fruits, which add zest to a delicious banana pie, are best used when they are ripe.

    To prepare a tender dough, you will need such kitchen utensils: a couple of bowls, a mixer, a spatula for mixing, a cutting board, a sharp table knife, a mold for baking dough products (we preferred silicone - it is less "troubled"). So, the banana pie recipe is step by step in front of you, we start cooking with pleasure.

    Pie history:

    Surely, having prepared a banana pie step by step, many hostesses will notice a gastronomic similarity with a charlotte pie. Indeed, the process of baking our banana pie resembles an apple dessert. Well, charlotte, as you know, deservedly gained popularity first in Europe, and then on other continents, including Russia. There are two versions of the origin of this apple delicacy. We like the version that the delicious apple pie got its name in honor of the female name Charlotte.


    • Fresh bananas - 1 or 2 pieces (depending on the size of the fruit);
    • Premium flour (wheat) - 1 cup;
    • Raw chicken egg - 3 pieces;
    • Sugar - 0.5 cups;
    • Vanilla sugar - 1 sachet;
    • Water (cold) - 2 tbsp. spoons;
    • Baking soda - 0.5 tsp;
    • Table 9% vinegar - 0.5 tbsp. spoons.

    Step by step preparation:

    1. We begin to cook a banana pie in the oven according to the proposed recipe. We measure the required quantity of the ingredients presented. We take the necessary kitchen equipment.

      We prepare food and utensils for kneading dough.

    2. Immediately prepare the banana filling for the pie. Remove the skin from the fruit. We shift the fruit to a cutting surface and cut into small cubes. If you are using a small banana, then take another fruit for slicing.

      Chop bananas for filling the pie.

    3. We proceed to the preparation of the banana pie dough, leaving the fruit slices aside for now. By the way, the process of kneading the dough will not take much time, so we will immediately prepare the oven for baking. Set the temperature to 180 degrees. So, first of all, let's deal with chicken eggs. Beat one raw egg in a deep bowl. We divide the remaining two eggs into components: proteins and yolks, moreover, we send the yolks to a deep bowl to the egg, the proteins to a separate clean, dry bowl.

      We separate the eggs into yolks and proteins.

    4. Adding a drop of vinegar to the proteins, beat them so that a stable white mass forms in the process.

      Beat chicken proteins with a mixer.

    5. In the bowl where the egg with yolks is located, we throw vanilla sugar and the usual one. Pour a couple of soup spoons with cold water.

      Add both types of sugar and water to the yolks.

    6. Again we need a mixer to mix the ingredients until a white mass is formed.

      Whisk the ingredients in a bowl.

    7. In the sweet mass that came out with us during the mixing process, sift the indicated norm of wheat flour.

      Sift the flour.

    8. Mix the mass and flour together. It is recommended to use a spatula already.

      Mix the ingredients until a dough is obtained.

    9. Transfer the banana slices to the dough, mix.

      Add chopped bananas to the dough.

    10. We extinguish soda directly in a tablespoon with vinegar. Add the bubbly mixture to the banana batter.

      We extinguish the baking soda with vinegar.

    11. We return to the whipped proteins, put them in the dough with slices of bananas.

      Add whites, whipped beforehand.

    12. Mix the ingredients with care, mixing the proteins into the dough from top to bottom. The dough came out soft.

      Ready-made banana pie dough.

    13. A little for reinsurance, grease the bottom and sides of the silicone mold with vegetable oil. Put the dough into a mold and send it to the oven.

      We distribute the banana dough in shape.

    14. Bake a pie with banana filling for 45 minutes. We take it out of the mold when it cools down a bit.

      We keep the cake in the oven for 45 minutes.

    15. Bon appetit!

      Bon appetit!

    The benefits of the dish

    Like any pastry made from flour, eggs and sugar, our banana pie according to a simple recipe turns out to be quite high in calories. It is difficult, of course, to refuse a tender piece of pie with banana filling, so it is better to observe the measure. On the other hand, a banana supplement also has a certain value for our body, since this fruit is a valuable source of fiber and potassium.

    We have finished cooking a banana pie in the oven with a recipe with a photo of which we presented. We hope that your culinary efforts were crowned with a magnificent tasty result. The serving of such a pie can be further diversified. For example, sweet powdered sugar will look good on a banana pie.

    And you can also add a banana delicacy with fresh berries: strawberries, raspberries (if the season, and the berries are available). By the way, you can adopt the banana pie recipe step by step as a base one and, for example, if you don’t have bananas at the moment, then replace them with other fruits: apples, peaches. Such a modified pie will also turn out delicious. Have fun in the kitchen!

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