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Banana pancakes

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 211
  • Protein: 5.14
  • Fats: 8.48
  • Carbohydrates: 27.04
    Банановые блины

    Would you like to diversify your morning snack with mouth-watering pancakes with a new taste? Then we suggest you bake banana pancakes for your household, which will delight you with their delicate airy structure. You can make banana pancakes in different ways: without flour, and with the addition of fruit immediately to the dough, and using a banana as a filling. We will focus on the option in which the banana "goes" into the dough. Such a culinary variation saves you time, yes, and the new pastries, we think, will significantly change your menu for both breakfast and dinner.

    To prepare banana pancake dough, you will need a grinder (blender) and kitchen utensils already familiar to kneading pancake dough: a bowl, a pancake pan, a ladle, a whisk, a spatula for turning pancakes from one side to another during frying.

    History of making pancakes

    Pancakes are a traditional food among different peoples. Baking characterizes many events of paganism; feasts on holidays are not complete without it. There are many recipes, and they are constantly updated thanks to the invention of culinary specialists and experimental hostesses. In our case, we supplemented the constant composition of the ingredients for pancakes with a banana. Let's just bake pancakes with banana filling recipe using fruit in the dough.


    • Milk (cow, fresh) - 200 ml;
    • Banana (large) - 1 piece;
    • Oil (we use vegetable) - 40 ml;
    • Flour (high grade, wheat) - 100 g;
    • Chicken egg - 2 pieces;
    • Granulated sugar - 50 g.

    Making banana pancakes

    1. Get acquainted with the required list of ingredients for banana pancakes. We measure out the desired portion of the products.

      We prepare products

    2. Peel and chop the fruit from the peel. We use a method convenient for you: you can use a table fork (if the fruit is overripe) or a blender.

      Turn banana into puree

    3. Add milk to the banana gruel. Not all, only half the norm. Dairy product, please note, must be in a warm state.

      Add half of the milk

    4. Mix so that the products turn into a homogeneous mass.


    5. Break the eggs into the milk-banana mixture, throw sugar and flour. The last component for kneading the dough is best to pass through a sieve first.

      Add flour, egg, sugar

    6. Add the rest of the milk and some butter.

      Add the rest of the milk and a couple of tablespoons of butter

    7. Knead the ingredients well enough, there should be no lumps.

      Knead banana dough

    8. We start baking pancakes with a banana after the pan with an oiled bottom warms up optimally.

      We start baking banana pancakes

    9. Turn the fried pancake over.

      Turn over the banana pancake

    10. Let's all eat! To health! These banana pancakes can be served with a variety of sweet additions. It can be jam, jam, fruits, sweet sauces. Regular sour cream will work too. Such pancakes with a banana are good both in a warm form, and it is also pleasant to eat them when cooled down.

      Let's all eat! To health!

    The benefits of the dish

    So now you've learned how to make banana pancakes with our cooking tips and tricks. We hope that the recipe for banana pancakes proposed for sale will firmly settle in your gastronomic collections.

    It's time to talk a little about the benefits of such baking in a pan using a popular fruit - a banana. Let's focus on it. The adherents and admirers of PP have long learned one “law” for themselves: if you want a highly nutritious snack, eat a banana. Did you know that carbohydrates make up one fifth of this fruit? To satisfy your hunger quickly and without prejudice to your figure, it is enough to chew just one banana!

    In addition, this representative of sweet fruits contains both potassium and magnesium. It is well known that these substances are necessary for the proper functioning of the heart. Yes, and your blood pressure with bananas will be normal.

    Learn also for yourself that bananas are absorbers of toxic substances. With this fruit, you are not afraid of toxic substances, and your digestive tract will always work normally! We are sure that even these arguments will be enough for you to eat whole bananas, as well as use them to prepare delicious desserts, such as, for example, our banana pancakes according to the proposed recipe for you.

    Of course, every hostess is free to improvise with food in the kitchen and can bake banana pancakes recipe with a photo in a completely different way. In our country, the fruit immediately “got” into the pancake dough, but you can, for example, make a banana filling for pancakes. This means that bananas should be used as a "filler" for thin pancakes. It would be better to combine fruit with cottage cheese. Such pancakes with banana filling recipe with photos are also quite attractive in terms of their taste properties. We wish you culinary success!

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