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Azu from chicken

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 141
  • Protein: 6.97
  • Fats: 7.51
  • Carbohydrates: 10.49

    In the freezer stores of my refrigerator, I will always find chicken fillet, because I know that from such a product you can always quickly and tasty prepare a hearty meal. Chicken fillet goes well with many ingredients, including vegetables, mushrooms, marinades and sauces. For a family snack, I often cook chicken azu with pickles using just the same filet. This dish attracts me with its simplicity of preparation and spicy taste.

    By the way, the taste of chicken azu according to the recipe proposed by me is largely determined by cucumbers. I do not always take a salty product. I give preference to pickled cucumbers, both store-bought and homemade. I would even call cucumbers a kind of "highlight" of the proposed chicken dish.

    In addition to the cucumber, the chicken fillet in the azu is supplemented with carrots and onions, ground spices, and tomato sauce. For the sauce, I simply mix the tomato paste with boiled water. I am preparing the basics of chicken with cucumbers in a pan, you can use a cauldron or a saucepan. So, let's tell you how to cook chicken azu tasty and so that it looks savory and appetizing.

    History of the dish

    Surely, many hostesses know that azu belongs to the dishes of the Tatar national cuisine and is a meat dish. The classic recipe for cooking azu has undergone gastronomic transformations and additions over time. So, initially, azu was prepared either from lamb or horse meat. Today you can meet the basics in Tatar with chicken, and with other types of meat.

    There is an opinion that the word azu itself appeared from the Tatar word "azdyk", which translates as "food". Along with this statement, there is another variant of the emergence of azu. Some culinary experts claim that the word "azu" in general has Persian roots and means "pieces of meat" in translation. I am more impressed with the second option, because indeed, azu are pieces of meat stewed with vegetables.


    • Chilled chicken fillet - 400 g;
    • Medium carrot - 1 pc.;
    • Medium onion - 1 pc.;
    • Lean oil - 30 ml;
    • Tomato paste - 2 tbsp. l.;
    • Pickled cucumbers (salted) - 2 pcs.;
    • Sugar - 0.5 tsp;
    • Salt - to your taste;
    • Ground black pepper - to taste.

    Step by step preparation:

    1. For the basics, we take the necessary products from the list. It is better to get the chicken fillet from the freezer in advance, it must be chilled.

      We prepare the ingredients.

    2. We shift the fillet to the cutting surface and cut into medium-thick strips-bars.

      Chop the fillet.

    3. Grind carrots for azu at your discretion. It can be thin half rings, sticks, straws. Cut the onion into half rings or quarter rings.

      Chop the peeled vegetables.

    4. Cucumbers from the jar cut into half rings. You can also chop into cubes, long slices.

      We cut cucumbers.

    5. Pour the vegetable oil into the pan. When it heats up well, we send sliced ​​\u200b\u200bcarrots and onions to the pan. Fry for about 2 minutes, adding sugar in the process.

      Fry the vegetables.

    6. Add chopped chicken. Continue frying together for about 5 more minutes.

      We spread the chopped chicken fillet.

    7. This is how chicken began to look along with vegetables.

      Fry the meat for 5 minutes.

    8. Add chopped cucumbers.

      We throw cucumber slices to the ingredients.

    9. Pour in the tomato sauce, for which we mix the pasta with a glass of water. We pepper the ingredients, salt.

      Add tomato sauce, spices.

    10. Under the lid, simmer the chicken azu for 20 minutes.

      We cook the basics for another 20 minutes.

    11. Appetizing azu is ready, help yourself to your health!

      Ready dish.

    The benefits of the dish

    The process of preparing azu with chicken has come to an end, the recipe with a photo of which I have proposed for you. Speaking about the benefits of this dish, you should focus on the main ingredient - chicken fillet. It has long been known that chicken meat has a number of useful qualities, because it is dietary. Perhaps you are confused by the presence of vegetable oil in the dish and frying vegetables on it. By the way, you can transfer the cooking process to the oven, but then the dish will lose its direct culinary purpose - you just get a fillet with vegetables in the oven.

    Chicken fillet in azu is supplemented with vegetables: carrots and onions. These root crops also need to be included in your daily diet. In general, the dish turned out to be useful, it is easy for them to satisfy hunger.

    Agree, how simply and quickly the recipe for basic chicken with cucumbers, vegetables in a pan is implemented. I usually serve the dish to the table with some side dish. With a bang, the basics of chicken go with mashed potatoes or boiled pasta. You can, by the way, immediately make the basics of chicken and potatoes in one wide frying pan (cauldron, stewpan). It turns out very satisfying and, of course, delicious!

    When cooking azu from chicken fillet, you can experiment with spices. In this recipe, I took only ground black pepper, but sometimes I use red pepper, and paprika, and ground dried garlic. I think that a seasoning of dried Provencal herbs would be appropriate in the dish (I must try). But I almost always use fresh herbs: I grind it and sprinkle it on the already prepared food. Bon Appetit everyone!

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