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Apricot jam recipe

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 172
  • Protein: 0.5
  • Fats: 0.15
  • Carbohydrates: 41
    Абрикосовый джем

    In this review, we will learn something new about winter harvesting. We will prepare apricot jam for the winter with the addition of almond nuts and fresh lemon juice. Delicious just amazing. This is what we promise you. But before we lay out the recipe for apricot jam itself, we will traditionally tell you about the intricacies, history and benefits of the proposed recipe.

    The history and features of the preparation of a blank called apricot jam

    Jam is a viscous dessert made from fruits or berries. The workpiece acquires a special thick consistency due to the long-term cooking of mashed or whole products. It is important that the berries and fruits that you plan to cook are very fresh, otherwise they will not have enough pectins and acids and jelly simply will not work. Jams are homogeneous - having a uniform consistency and heterogeneous - including pieces of fruit or berries. Sometimes, to speed up the process, jam, including apricot jam, is prepared with gelatin, but this is more a mistake than an optimization of the process.

    As for the history of the emergence of this thick apricot jam, the Scottish woman Jenith Keiller is considered to be its creator, who then prepared this special dessert from bitter orange fruits brought by her husband from Spanish ships. There is an opinion that it was on her behalf that the dessert was called jam and it was around the 18th century. Very quickly, home-made jam, including apricot jam, became incredibly popular in England, where even today it is honored in a special way. Jam differs from the well-known jam just in that it is prepared from barely ripened and sometimes unripe fruits, while jam is cooked only from very ripe fruits. By the way, recently, more and more housewives are preparing apricot jam in a slow cooker and speak very positively about the process and the result. There are secrets in how to make apricot jam:

    • First of all, remember that jam is boiled in a bowl of large diameter with thick walls and a bottom. In such dishes, dessert boils faster;
    • Cook jam in small portions of no more than 4 kg. Large volumes are difficult to mix during the cooking process, especially when the jam is almost ready;
    • Add the right amount of sugar. The proportions are usually 1:1/2. You should not overdo it so as not to spoil the taste of fruits.


    • Apricots - 3 kg
    • Lemons - 3 pcs.
    • Almonds - 200 g
    • Sugar - 1.5 -2 kg

    How to make apricot jam:

    1. First, prepare the necessary products;

      Let's start with the preparation of products.

    2. Wash apricots, peel them and put them in a large diameter pot;

      Put the washed and pitted apricots in a large bowl with thick walls

    3. We fall asleep apricots with sugar;

      Pour granulated sugar into the pot and shake the apricots

    4. Wash the lemon and remove the yellow zest from them with a grater;

      Lemons must be washed and the yellow zest removed from them with a grater

    5. Now cut the lemons in half and squeeze the juice from the citrus with a fork, passing it through a sieve;

      Cut the lemons in turn across into two parts and squeeze the juice from each half on a sieve.

    6. We do this with all the lemons, collect all the soy and pour it into the apricots. Now we cover the future jam with a lid and leave it for about 20 hours, and preferably at night;

      So squeeze and strain the juice of all 3 lemons, and then pour it into the apricots. The dishes with the future jam should be covered and left for at least 10 hours overnight so that the fruit releases the juice.

    7. After a while, we drain part of the syrup, for 3 kg of fruit it is about 600 ml;

      When it's time to cook jam salt with 3 kg of apricot about 600 ml of syrup

    8. Now put the pot of jam on the fire and bring to a boil;

      Put the future jam on the fire and bring it to a boil

    9. Add about 200 g of almonds to the boiling jam;

      When the jam boils, add almonds

    10. Together with almonds, boil the jam for 40 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the juiciness of the apricot;

      Cook jam from 40 minutes to an hour and a half

    11. To check the readiness of the jam for 15 minutes, send a saucer to the freezer and then put a spoonful of jam on it. If the jam does not spread - it is ready! Pour the finished jam into sterile jars, roll up and place in a warm place on the lid. Leave the jars to cool completely.;

      To find out if the jam is ready, cool the saucer in the freezer and put a tablespoon on it. Ready jam does not spread. Now we roll up the jars and place them in a warm place on the lid until they cool completely

    12. Well, that's all, the preparation is ready, and on cold winter evenings you have sweets for tea.

      Our jam is ready! You can try. Bon appetit to all

    The benefits of apricot jam

    Now we have figured out the nature of the dish and the intricacies of its preparation, and it's time to learn about its benefits. Jams are good because they contain dietary fiber and vitamins, which, after cooking, pass from raw materials to the final product. And also such a dessert is very tasty and fragrant and will be an excellent addition to both porridge of tea and a slice of fresh crispy bread. And therefore we believe that it's time to learn how to make apricot jam at home. So let's not delay and here it is - our apricot jam and its recipe for the winter.

    This was our apricot jam and its recipe with a photo. As you can see, there is nothing complicated and almost everyone can cook this. Now you know how to cook jam and whether it will be just apricot or apricot with oranges is not so important, the main thing is that it will be very tasty! We are always glad to be of service to you and look forward to your recipes and suggestions. Your friend and helper HozOboz!

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