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American pancakes

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 203
  • Protein: 4
  • Fats: 9
  • Carbohydrates: 25
    Американские панкейки

    Those who first see American pancakes in the photo and get acquainted with their cooking recipe involuntarily recall our native Russian pancakes. Indeed, in appearance they are very similar to each other: small, round, lush and ruddy. But these flour products differ in taste and structure. The taste of pancakes is similar to pancakes, and pancakes are more like soft cookies, sponge cake or waffles. The composition of the ingredients is almost the same, with the exception of a few components that are present in the dough for pancakes, but are never used for pancakes.

    What then is the reason for the different tastes? Firstly, the taste of a dish depends on the sequence and method of mixing the ingredients, as well as on the temperature of the products used. Secondly, the process of frying or baking is of great importance. So, for example, pancakes are fried in a pan in which not a small amount of vegetable oil is preheated. For frying American pancakes (or rather, for baking pancakes), a completely dry frying pan is used. Thanks to this, the surface is evenly fried, and pastries are not saturated with excess fat. Burning of products during the frying process is excluded, since a small amount of vegetable oil is added to the dough.

    History of pancakes

    This culinary product is a traditional dish in its homeland. Over time, the recipe for American pancakes, or pancakes, began to spread in other countries, gaining more and more popularity. Hostesses are happy to prepare such a treat at home for breakfast. Children and adults are delighted with miniature pancakes. This pastry occupies the main positions in the menu of most cafes and restaurants.

    The origin of the American pancake recipe remains unknown. However, in the United States and Canada, people cannot imagine breakfast without this dessert. The Americans even invented a special frying pan for pancakes, with which the products are baked on both sides at once and there is no need to turn the pancakes over. Fragrant pancakes are an integral part of the morning meal in these countries. The treat is poured abundantly with sweet syrup, honey or jam, stacked in a stack of 3-5 pieces and served with various additives: fresh berries, fruits, nuts, chocolate.

    The name "pancakes" is translated as "cake in a pan", which in fact is the case. Flour products are prepared from milk-based dough, with the obligatory addition of butter. Optionally, additional additives are mixed into the dough: jam, raisins, cocoa, etc. Depending on the ingredients used, you can get banana, chocolate, coffee, diet and other pancake options. The minimum thickness of a baked pancake is 0.5 cm. Today we will cook American pancake pancakes according to a classic recipe with a photo.

    We will need affordable and inexpensive products:

    • warm milk - 215 ml;
    • large egg - 1 pc.;
    • wheat flour of the highest grade - 200 gr.;
    • soda - 1 tsp;
    • vegetable or melted butter - 2 tablespoons;
    • granulated sugar - 2 tablespoons;
    • salt - ½ tsp

    How to cook pancakes

    1. The recipe for American pancakes is quite simple to prepare. We measure the required amount of all products. Warm up some milk on the stove. Sift the flour through a sieve.

      Let's prepare the products: warm the milk, sift the flour through a sieve

    2. Break the egg into a deep bowl.

      Put eggs in a bowl

    3. Add granulated sugar.

      Introduce sugar

    4. Pour salt.

      Add salt

    5. Stir the mixture with a whisk. It is necessary to achieve complete dissolution of dry ingredients.

      Mix everything with a whisk

    6. Pour in warm milk.

      Adding warmed milk

    7. Mix again until smooth.

      Mix the dough well

    8. eight; Add oil product.

      Add vegetable or ghee

    9. Mix milk liquid well.

      Knead the dough again

    10. Pour soda into flour, mix intensively. For a more even distribution of soda in the flour, you can loosen the mixture with a whisk or sift through a sieve.

      Do not forget to add soda, it is better to mix it with flour

    11. Add the flour mixture to the milk mixture, and not vice versa.

      Add bulk ingredients to liquid dough

    12. Quickly mix the dough.

      We mix everything well again

    13. You should get a liquid dough of a uniform consistency, which must be used immediately.

      The dough should turn out to be homogeneous and a little watery

    14. Pour the dough into a heated dry frying pan with a tablespoon, at the rate of 1 tbsp. - 1 pancake. We bake on low heat for about 1 minute on one side. The damp surface should be covered with bursting bubbles.

      We heat a dry frying pan and 1 tbsp. put the dough on a spoon. Fry the pancakes for 1 minute on each side until bubbles appear on the surface

    15. Turn the pancakes over and bake on the other side.

      As soon as the pancakes "bubble", turn them over

    16. We stack the finished products in a pile, pour generously with sweet syrup or honey and sprinkle with fresh berries.

      The photo shows how appetizing American pancake pancakes look.

    17. Yummy.

      And now it's time for the table!

    The benefits of the dish

    American pancakes are a nutritious dish that can energize for the whole day and increase performance. That is why they are recommended to be consumed in the morning. But at any other time, it is not forbidden to enjoy delicious pancakes. This pastry is especially good with honey, syrup, chocolate and other sweet fillings. Such sweetness improves brain function, helps to calm down faster in stressful situations. The finished products contain B vitamins, proteins and other useful substances. All the benefits of American pancakes come down to being used as the main component of milk, the main source of calcium. The use of pancakes in limited quantities does not have any harmful effects on the human body.

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