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American cookie

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 416
  • Protein: 5.06
  • Fats: 18.06
  • Carbohydrates: 55.55
    Американское печенье

    We have sweet biscuits on the menu for dessert. We offer you one of the most popular variations of this pastry - American chocolate chip cookies. For Americans, this is not just a confectionery product, but a traditional delicacy that can be found on sale on almost every corner. Treat yourself to a crunchy biscuit with an attractive chocolate inclusion.


    American cookies appeared back in the 30s of the last century. By the way, the author of this confectionery masterpiece was not an eminent pastry chef, as you might think. Baking was invented by the owner of a small hotel in America, which was filled up by Ruth Wakefield. The guests liked the cookies interspersed with chocolate pieces, and since then, delicious pastries have been pleasing to both kids and adults.


    • Sugar - 1 cup;
    • Flour (requires the highest grade, wheat) - 1.5 cups;
    • Chicken egg (raw, standard) - 2 pieces;
    • Dark chocolate - 1 bar;
    • Butter (softened) - 100 g;
    • Soda (food) or baking powder - 1 tsp;
    • Vanillin - optional.


    1. In order to bake American chocolate chip cookies for a snack with a cup of delicious tea or any other suitable drink, you will not need so many ingredients. Moreover, all of them are ordinary, they can always be found in the culinary storerooms of every hostess. It is worth noting that in the classic version of the preparation of American cookies, chocolate chips are used as an addition to the dough. We replaced this ingredient with a regular chocolate bar. This substitution will have little to no effect on the taste of the finished product, and our American Chocolate Chip Cookies will also turn out great. It would be nice to use cane sugar in the recipe, and not the usual beet sugar for us. But if this kind of sweet ingredient is missing, it doesn’t matter either. And a little more about one ingredient used - butter. By the time the recipe is implemented, it should be in a soft state. Take care of the structure of the oil in advance, just take it out of the refrigerator and let it come back to normal at room temperature. From kitchen utensils, take a convenient, proportionate container (cup, bowl), a whisk, you will need a baking sheet and baking paper, as well as an ordinary soup spoon.

      Preparing the ingredients

    2. So, let's start kneading dough for American cookies. We transport the melted butter into a bowl.

      Put the butter in a bowl

    3. We add the declared norm of the sweet ingredient - granulated sugar to it.

      Add sugar

    4. We continue the recipe for American cookies, add eggs to the ingredients. Just break them into a bowl.

      Introduce eggs

    5. And now you need to grind the contents of the bowl. Let's use a regular whisk.

      Rubbing the ingredients

    6. Next, add flour to the resulting sweet mixture along with soda or baking powder, vanillin. At the same culinary step, we introduce chocolate pieces.

      Add flour and chocolate pieces

    7. Mix the ingredients until you get a dough with pieces of chocolate bar.

      Stir, the dough is ready for cookies

    8. Set up the oven by setting the temperature to 190 degrees. We prepare a “place” for baking cookies - we cover the baking sheet with culinary parchment. Distribute the dough with chocolate pieces on a baking sheet in the form of round cookies. We leave space between the blanks - 5 or 7 cm exactly.

      We form cookies on a baking sheet

    9. Wait for the readiness of the American chocolate cookies, the recipe of which we offered you, you need within 15 minutes.

      We bake cookies for a quarter of an hour.

    10. Delicious American Chocolate Chip Cookies are ready! We dine with pleasure!

      Bon appetit

    The benefits of cookies

    First of all, the benefits of such American cookies are aesthetic. Your kids will surely enjoy chocolate pastries. Of course, the number of calories in cookies is "off scale", but if you are not lazy, you can quickly "drive" them. In general, the primary benefit of such cookies is the presence of many vitamins in the composition of the products, namely B and PP, as well as phosphorus, iron, and potassium. A growing body needs to be replenished with energy, so these cookies are a must for your kids!

    Cooked American cookies according to our recipe with a photo, we hope, will decorate your gatherings. We used a chocolate bar in it, which we divided into small pieces before adding directly to the dough. You can use another option for baking these cookies - with M&M's dragee candies. Such cookies turn out to be quite attractive not only in taste, but, first of all, in their appetizing appearance. So - bake with pleasure and treat your friends and relatives!

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