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Agar agar marmalade

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 42
  • Protein: 0.5
  • Fats: 0.1
  • Carbohydrates: 9.5

    Today our hero is again a dessert - agar-agar marmalade. Delicious and healthy, it will not only be able to satisfy the appetites of the sweet tooth, but it is also able to give our body benefits, and we will talk about this too, but later. In the meantime, by tradition, we will consider the recipe and find out about who and how invented marmalade, including from agar agar.

    History of the dish

    The word itself comes from the Portuguese marmelada, which was called quince jam. And its roots go far into the dead language of Latin, where a similar term was called "honey apple" later and gave the name quince. In the future, in different countries, that only was not called marmalade. in Britain under this name they know jam from oranges and only from them, any jam from citrus is so called in France. And if everything is more or less clear with the name, then it is extremely difficult to determine the real homeland of a dish under such a name.

    One thing is clear - they have invented something similar to marmalade somewhere in the Middle East. Local residents began to boil the fruits and juice of various local berries and fruits until they thicken, and as a result, they got what we call marmalade today. Later, to speed up the process, such a fruit jelly began to be prepared with the addition of gelatin or agar agar. So we decided to be as natural as possible and offer you homemade marmalade with agar agar, or rather its exact recipe.


    • Agar-agar - 1 tsp (2 g)
    • Juice (any) - 200 ml
    • Sugar - 2 tablespoons

    How to make jelly with agar agar at home:

    1. Let's prepare the products.

      Prepare the necessary products

    2. Pour juice into a saucepan, add sugar and agar-agar.

      We make homemade marmalade from juice, so we put it in a saucepan, add agar agar and of course granulated sugar

    3. Bring to a boil and, stirring occasionally, cook for 10 minutes over medium heat.

      We will stir the boiling marmalade and let it simmer for about 10 minutes

    4. Pour hot syrup into molds. Let's put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

      As soon as the allotted 10 minutes have passed, homemade marmalade, which contains agar agar, must be poured into molds and sent to the refrigerator for 4 hours

    5. You can pour just a continuous layer onto the bottom of the mold. Let's put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

      Alternatively, you can pour all the marmalade into one mold and also cool for 4 hours

    6. Put the frozen marmalade in a vase, pre-cut the layer into pieces of the desired shape and size. Let's serve it to the table.

      When the dessert hardens, it should be cut and served

    The benefits of the dish

    With the absolute absence of fat, even those who carefully monitor the figure can afford this tasty treat. By the way, if you wish, sugar can be replaced with stevia, and then the marmalade will become quite suitable even for people with diabetes. In addition, such marmalade can be made from apples or other fruits without adding sweeteners at all, and then it is an absolute healthy lifestyle! It's up to you, but I really liked the option with juice, so I highly recommend it.

    Today we learned how to make marmalade from agar agar and I am sure that you succeeded brilliantly. Perhaps your arsenal has dessert options that are just as good? I already hope for cooperation and interesting experience. We are looking forward to your letters and photos with detailed recipes. Your faithful friend hozOboz!

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