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Achma with cheese

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 579
  • Protein: 28
  • Fats: 31
  • Carbohydrates: 43
    Ачма с сыром

    Layered salty pie with lacy dough and fragrant melted cheese, that's what true Georgian achma is. Since ancient times, this masterpiece has been prepared in the Caucasus, each nation according to its own recipes, with its own subtleties, but in the end, pies are obtained with something very similar - tender, satisfying and charismatic. In its structure, achma is similar to dough pies, it consists of layers of cheese and thinly rolled dough. But according to the method of preparation, this is a completely different dish, because the dough for achma is pre-rolled and slightly scalded. You must admit that considerable skill is needed here so that the layers are as thin as possible, do not tear or stick together during cooking.

    The recipes for the filling of achma also vary somewhat, depending on the region, it can be Suluguni, Adjarian or Imeritinsky cheese, cheese or feta cheese, cottage cheese or mozzarella, it can also be a mixture of cheeses, at the discretion of the hostess. But in any case, the dish will turn out to be very tasty, "just lick your fingers." Modern housewives, due to chronic lack of time, came up with the idea of ​​​​cooking lazy achma with pita bread, but the lazy one cannot convey the real taste of juicy achma. Therefore, every girl in Georgia is taught how to cook this delicious cheese pie from childhood. And if you want to learn how to make achma in Georgian, our photos of step-by-step preparation of achma and a little patience will help you cope with this seemingly difficult task.

    History of achma dish

    Traditional achma is one of the varieties of khachapuri, it is also tasty and high in calories, but it is prepared with great effort. Achma is usually prepared for special occasions, when the entire female half of the family gathers in the kitchen; joint culinary events are accepted in large Caucasian families. When everything is assembled, a certain sacrament begins, understandable only to the initiates, sometimes it is only a gesture or a look, but so eloquent that it is understandable without words.

    The dough for achma is usually kneaded by the oldest and most experienced, all the younger ones are "in the wings" - grate cheese, melt butter, heat water in a saucepan. Usually, this well-coordinated team bakes the most delicious achma with love, while there is a transfer of experience and skills from experienced ladies to younger family members, so the girls gain experience so that in the future, with the arrival of a new husband’s family, they can show all the skills and abilities. Indeed, by the culinary abilities of the daughter-in-law, they often judge her upbringing in the house of her parents. That's how it is in the Caucasus.


     For the test:

    • Wheat flour - 800 grams
    • Chicken egg - 1 piece
    • Water - 250 grams
    • Sunflower oil - 40 grams
    • Salt - 15 grams

    For filling:

    • Adyghe or Suluguni cheese - 350 grams
    • Chicken egg - 2 pieces
    • Butter (for oiling layers and baking dish) - 100 grams

    Cooking process:

    1. To prepare a tender achma, you will need the following ingredients.

      For achma we will prepare such products.

    2. First of all, let's prepare the dough. Crack the egg into a mixing bowl and beat thoroughly.

      Begin the preparation of the dough by beating the eggs.

    3. Pour water at room temperature into the beaten egg and beat everything thoroughly with a whisk again.

      Mix the egg with water and beat.

    4. Add sunflower oil to the foamy mixture, mix so that the egg foam does not fall off, add salt.

      Pour sunflower oil into a mixture of water and a beaten egg.

    5. Sift the flour into a mixing bowl.

      Sift the flour directly into the mixing bowl.

    6. Knead a plastic tender dough. Cover the dough with a towel and leave to infuse for a while.

      Knead all the prepared ingredients into a soft dough.

    7. Now prepare the water for boiling the dough. Pour water into the pan, add salt and sunflower oil to it, put it on the stove to heat up.

      Put water on the stove to heat up, add salt and sunflower oil to it.

    8. While the dough is infused and the water is heating, let's prepare the filling. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater.

      Coarsely grate the cheese for the filling.

    9. Add chicken eggs to the grated cheese.

      Add eggs to a cup with grated cheese.

    10. Salt the cheese a little on the couscous and mix thoroughly with the eggs.

      Eggs and cheese are thoroughly mixed.

    11. For baking achma, you need a form with high sides. Lubricate the baking dish with a thick layer of butter.

      Grease a baking dish thickly with butter.

    12. We form the actual achma itself. From a common piece of dough we pinch off a small part of it, knead it into a small cake.

      Pinch off a piece of dough and form a small cake.

    13. Roll out the cake into a very thin layer.

      Roll out the dough very thinly.

    14. We transfer the rolled dough into our form, greased with oil, distribute it throughout the form, this is the bottom layer of achma. If at the same time wrinkles are formed, do not worry, they are not terrible for achma. This layer is the only one to be laid without welding.

      Place the dough layer neatly into the baking dish.

    15. Put the remaining butter in a small bowl or ladle.

      Pour the butter into a bowl for heating.

    16. Heat the oil to a liquid state.

      Melt butter until liquid.

    17. With melted butter, grease the first layer of achma in a baking dish.

      Brush the pastry sheet with oil.

    18. Lay grated cheese on top, making sure that it is evenly distributed throughout the form.

      On the first layer of the pie we put grated cheese.

    19. We bend the edges of the dough and lower it onto the filling.

      We wrap the high edges of the dough on a layer of cheese.

    20. Again we pinch off a piece of dough and roll it very thinly into an even rectangle.

      Let's prepare the next layer for achma.

    21. Gently lower the dough into the boiled water in a saucepan for 10 seconds and remove it with tongs and a fork.

      Scald the rolled out layer of dough for 10 seconds and remove.

    22. Spread the scalded dough on a layer of cheese and brush with melted butter.

      Lay the next layer of dough on the cheese and grease with butter.

    23. Place the cheese filling on top of the dough layer.

      Sprinkle cheese on top.

    24. Alternate layers of cheese and dough until both are finished. We scald each layer of dough in a saucepan. We also grease the topmost layer of dough with melted butter and send it to the oven, heated to a temperature of about 180 degrees.

      Alternate layers until the formation of the cake is complete. We also grease the top layer of dough with butter. Bake.

    25. After 35-40 minutes, we take out the ruddy appetizing achma from the oven. We serve it hot on the table, cut it into portions directly in the form. Kefir or matsoni can be served with achma. Enjoy your meal!

      When ready, we take out the achma, divide it into portions and serve it to the table. Bon appetit!.

    The benefits of the dish

    Of course, each of us understands that it will not be possible to look for great benefits in achma, because the dish is high-calorie, and for those who follow their figure, the abuse of a tasty and fragrant product is a little dangerous. But no one has yet canceled the pleasure, so eating a small amount of the incredible Georgian miracle will bring invaluable benefits to the body. In addition, the cheese filling from Georgian cheeses carries a huge number of positive effects.

    Firstly, eating these cheeses is the prevention of the development of cancer. Secondly, the improvement of the intestinal microflora - the body is actively cleansed with the help of cheeses. Thirdly, the combination of vitamins and useful minerals of cheese helps to strengthen the nervous system, which is very necessary in our troubled time. In addition, cheese improves mood, acting as a powerful antidepressant. These cheeses have a low calorie content, which is very suitable for people suffering from hypertension or diabetes, and cheeses are also necessary for the growing body of children, as well as pregnant women. In a word, besides the magnificent delicate taste, achma carries all the benefits of cheeses, so it should be enjoyed, despite all the apparent calorie content.

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