• Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 338
  • Protein: 11
  • Fats: 24
  • Carbohydrates: 17

    A great chef or housewife is always ready to delight theirs guests with something delicious. That’s why today we have a great representative of Uzbek cuisine for you. We present chicken samosa recipe made of puff pastry.

    Some facts on the origin of samosa

    Samosa is believed to be first cooked on the East, in Asia, but eventually it has migrated together with trade caravans to the central regions of the continent and even to Caucasus. Gradually, popular Uzbek patty got popular and now it’s one of the most beloved tourist dishes in the region. It’s just impossible to imagine an ancient market in some city of central Asia without delicious samosa. Well, locals call it ‘’somsa’’ and think that the original dish should be cooked in tandoor and that it’s not a pie or patty at all. So, let them use their traditional tandoors, but, to be honest, you can easily do it without one. All you need is your personal oven and you’ll get almost the same result.  In fact, this kind of bakery products is usually made in modern ovens so it won’t make any difficulties for anyone who wants to try it. Let’s now take a look at the list of ingredients needed.

    The ingredients for puff pastry samsa dough:

    • 2-3 cups of finely ground flour
    • cup of water (almost full)
    • 50-80 grams of butt er
    • salt

    The ingredients for stuffing:

    • 1 large chicken breast
    • 2 onions
    • 1/2 tsp. of cumin
    • 2-3 pinches of paprika with ground coriander
    • salt

    Additional ingredients:

    • yolk with water (for greasing)
    • vegetable oil
    • sesame

    The right way of cooking homemade samosa with chicken:

    1. Dough cooking is rather interesting process, especially in case with samosa dough. You may need a couple of hands to help you. To start, let’s make a simple dough. Pour flour in the bowl, combine it with salt and water.

      In the bowl, add flour, some salt, water.

    2. Mix all the ingredients and make a single pice of dough out of them. Put it in the fridge for 10 minutes.

      Knead the dough, then leave it in a cool palace for 10 minutes.

    3. Heat the butter so that it melts. Then cool it down.

      Melt butter on the heat.

    4. Shape two similar balls our of the dough.

      Divide the dough and form two balls.

    5. Roll out one of the balls to make it thin, use more flour and rolling pin.

      One of the balls  should be rolled out.

    6. Cover it with cling film and start rolling another ball of dough.

      Cover it with cling film and roll the second ball.

    7. Lavishly grease its surface with warm butter.

      Cover one of them with butter.

    8. Remove the cling film, grease the dough with butter and connect the pieces with their buttered sides.

      Remove the film, butter the dough and connect pieces.

    9. Then, butter the second piece as well. There should be two usual layers and three buttered ones.

      Already connected top shortcakes should be  lubricated with  melted butter.

    10. Make long roll out of the dough, place it in the container and leave for the three hours in the fridge.

      Now, all connected cakes should be braided in a roll and placed in the fridge for about 3 hours.

    11. The next and equally important point is stuffing for layered samosa. In this cake, it's chicken fillet without skin. Dice the fillet into the smallest cubes possible, or just pass it through a coarse grinder.

      In the meantime, we’re moving to the stuffing. To do this, cut the chicken into very small cubes, or just grind it.

    12. Slice the onion as finely as possible, but do not use a grater because we need the juice.

      Finely cut onions.

    13. Put chopped chicken in a bowl where we'll mix the forcemeat. It’s very important to add cumin now which is the key ingredient that gives the dish the special flavour.

      Put the shredded chicken and cumin in a bowl.

    14. Combine the chicken with all the spices set forth in the list of ingredients, and salt.

      Now dress the minced meat and season with sal.

    15. Then, the chopped onion goes in.

      Afterwards, do not forget to add chopped onions.

    16. Mix everything carefully and you’ll have you samosa stuffing ready.

      It's time to mix everything thoroughly and the stuffing is ready. The third step is the shaping puff samosa.

    17. Remove the dough roll from the fridge and cut it into 3 cm pieces. Then shape the same thing you see in the picture.

      The dough roll should be removed from the fridge and cut it into pieces, then each of them should be transformed into a special piece.

    18. Roll out the puff pieces into round circles and if the rolling pin sticks to the dough, sprinkle with flour.

      Now each piece should rolled out into a circle, and if the dough sticks to the pin, sprinkle it with flour.

    19. In the middle of each circle spread a teaspoon of spicy forcemeat.

      Now, put a full teaspoon of the stuffing on each piece.

    20. The fold the samosa pieces in triangular envelopes.

      Fold the dough into the envelopes.

    21. We spread the envelopes (seam down) on the oven tray covered with greased parchment. Grease the surface with yolk diluted with a little water.

      Cover the oven tray with parchment and put samosa seam down. Before baking, lubricate the pieces with the beaten egg yolk diluted with boiled water.

    22. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and put in a preheated 400F oven for about forty minutes. The temperature during baking may be varied if necessary (from 360F to 400F) , depending on the browning surface Uzbek pies.

      Sprinkle with sesame seeds and place in oven preheated to 400F. Keep it there until it is lightly browned.

    23. Homemade samosa the recipe of which is now came to an end, is well baked during this time, so feel free remove it from the oven and put it on a large platter. Let it cool down a bit and serve till it’s warm.

      Ready-made samosa should be removed from the oven, cooled a bit and finally served to the table.

    Options and variations

    • Prepare the stuffing for samosa of minced lamb or beef and give it some pepper - men will definitely love it.
    • Replace the spices with chopped herbs and delight your children.

    Health benefits

    The foods rich in carbohydrates, of course, are necessary to saturate human body, but consuming them in small quantities and not fried, we will undoubtedly increase their healthiness. Mind that we didn't use any oil during in frying. A couple of Uzbek samosa with sesame seeds in any way and can not injure those who adhere to proper nutrition. In our original recipe, chicken was used  for stuffing, it was ground and mixed with flavorous spices. The traditional recipe requires the use of fatty mutton and our avoidance of it could be rather important point for those who keeps fit.

    We hope that the Uzbek traditional pastries will be remembered for its genuine taste and you’ll be happy to cook it for a weekend, and visit our website in search of further interesting cooking classes and original recipes.

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