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Pumpkin souffle

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 87
  • Protein: 3
  • Fats: 1,5
  • Carbohydrates: 16

    Hello everyone, dear friends. We are pleased to inform you that today we are preparing a pumpkin soufflé. It would seem that we are all used to the fact that pumpkin is porridge or, in extreme cases, soup, and also a hot appetizer baked with honey. Today we will turn it into a wonderful dessert and, of course, we will teach you how to cook a sweet pumpkin soufflé and present a detailed recipe. But before proceeding to cooking, we will talk a little about history and find out what, how and when they cooked from this wonderful vegetable.

    History of the dish

    The first and most important thing to note in connection with the pumpkin is to designate its homeland. And it comes from Central America, or rather from Mexico, where it began to be cultivated 5 thousand years ago. There are also reliable facts showing that pumpkins have been grown in Peru since ancient times, long before the advent of corn, and the Indians did not only make delicious dishes from it, but also dishes. In ancient Russia, pumpkin appeared around the 16th century and since then it has taken its rightful place on the tables and in the hearts of each of our compatriots. Today, pumpkin is one of the most popular superfoods: healthy, satisfying, surprisingly tasty and easy to prepare. What else is needed for universal love. The pumpkin soufflé offered by us is cooked in the oven for only about half an hour, but it brings a lot of pleasure. Do you want to make sure? Then we start.


    • Peeled pumpkin - 200 g
    • Flour - 2 tbsp.
    • Egg - 2 pcs.
    • Sugar - 1 tbsp.
    • Salt - a pinch
    • Butter - 10 g


    1. Prepare the ingredients.

      Let's prepare the necessary products for the beginning

    2. Cut the pumpkin into pieces and cook until soft.

      Chop the pumpkin into cubes and cook until soft

    3. Divide the eggs into yolks and proteins.

      Separate the egg whites from the yolks

    4. Beat the whites to stable peaks.

      Whisk egg whites into firm foam

    5. Beat the yolks with sugar with a whisk.

      Shake the yolks well with sugar

    6. We beat the pumpkin with a blender in mashed potatoes.

      We turn the finished soft pumpkin into puree using a blender

    7. Put pumpkin puree, soft butter, flour, salt in a bowl.

      Now in a bowl combine pumpkin puree, flour, a little salt and soft butter

    8. Mix with a whisk.

      Mix the workpiece well

    9. Add the protein mass.

      Introduce carefully proteins

    10. Intervene.

      Stir in one direction from bottom to top

    11. Fill the silicone molds with pumpkin dough. We will bake for 30-35 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

      In an oven preheated to 180 degrees, place the silicone molds filled with dough for 30 minutes

    12. Remove the finished soufflé from the molds and serve it to the table.

      When the soufflé is ready, it must be served to the table and eaten immediately

    The benefits of the dish

    Such a wonderful dessert in my ranking of top dishes takes almost the leading place. Soft, fragrant, healthy and incomparably tasty - this recipe will quickly earn your love and pumpkin soufflé will be a must have on your table. By the way, if you wish, you can also make a pumpkin and cottage cheese soufflé, but this is a completely different story and we will tell about it in one of the following reviews. Your HozOboz!

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