Jellied eggs

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    If your want to impress your family of friends with something special on the table, jellied eggs is the way to go! A snack containing variegated ingredients and having an unusual form will definitely catch their attention. The dish provides a lot of options for you concerning ingredients. Traditionally, sausages, meat and veggies are used. Choosing fruits or berries as the main ingredient, you’ll have a great dessert instead.

    The history of the dish

    One of the first aspic dishes was a fish in aspic covered with will jellied fish broth and veggies. To serve it, chefs boiled the head, spine, bones, squama and other inedible ingredients. Then they filled a deep plate with broth with different veggies, place a fish inside and covered everything with jelly. As result, they got a very peculiar dish which reminisced a fish in the water.

    The use of dense broth has become more popular with centuries. It was used as a basis for dishes like aspic, saltisons and headcheese. Few centuries ago it was usually consumed by the representatives of lower classes of society since the main ingredients was the leftovers of the delicatessen after pears and banquets.

    After Faberge eggs were first released, the form of the famous figures became an icon for hundreds of artisans and cooks. Dense broth was often filled with little pieces of ingredients like boiled meat, fish, sausages, seafood, fruits and veggies. Almost every chef had its own jellied eggs recipe.
    HozOboz decided to share its original jellied eggs recipe. Photos of this yummy snack will help you in the process of the preparation.

    Ingredients for the delicious snack

    • 150 grams of chicken
    • 5 eggshells
    • 5 grams of soda
    • 200 grams of boiled sausage
    • 1 Capia  pepper
    • 20 grams of gelatin
    • 2 parsley sprigs
    • 100 grams of  green peas
    • 100 grams of canned corn
    • salt

    The preparation of jellied eggs

    1. Wash the chicken fillet thoroughly. Place the meat in the pot. Fill it with filtered water. If you like, you may exclude gelatin from you recipe.

      Washed chicken fillet should be place in the pot and filled with water.

    2. Boil chicken on a low heat so that the broth its transparent.

      Put the pot with chicken and water on the heat.

    3. Break the top of the egg carefully. Remove the yolk and white from it as shown on the photo.

      Empty the egg.

    4. Wash the eggshell thoroughly. Put it in the bowl, fill with water and add soda, as shown on the photo.

      Cover the eggshell with soda substance.

    5. Cut the boiled sausage finely.

      Dice the boiled sausage.

    6. Peel the paper and slice it.

      Chop capia pepper.

    7. Cut a sprig of parsley into several pieces.

      Separate the sprigs from the leaves of parsley.

    8. Prepare the stand for the eggshell. It may be a glass of appropriate diameter. Carefully put a leaf of parsley inside the eggshell.

      To make the first layer, use herbs.

    9. Now, put some chopped red pepper inside it.

      The next layer consist of pepper.

    10. Now, add some chopped sausage in.

      Put some sausage inside.

    11. It’s time to add some green peas.

      Next layer is green pea.

    12. Fill the renaming space with corn.

      Don't forget to add some corn inside.

    13. The add gelatin to the bowl.

      Put some gelatin inside the bowl.

    14. Pour hot chicken broth. The amount depends on the info written on the package of gelatin.

      Breed gelatin in hot water.

    15. Using sauceboat or beaker, pour the chicken broth with gelatin in the eggshell. Then put the dish in the fridge for 2 hours.

      Fill the eggshells with chicken broth and leave in the fridge for 120 minutes.

    16. Bon Appétit.

      Bon Appétit.

    Other options and variations

    You may cook this dish with shrimps, olives, fried or marinated mushrooms. It tastes great with onion. If you want it to look great inside, choose the red one.
    In case you want a special dessert, use fruits and berries for filling: kiwi, oranges, tangerine, pomegranate, raspberries, persimmon, currant or blackberries.

    Healthy features of the jellied eggs

    The dish includes ingredients that can improve the shape on your body and has some advantages concerning it.  Cron contains  of starch that strengthens your muscles. Nutritionists recommend eating corn during intense physical activities and sports. Due to high content of K and Mg in green peas, it normalizes blood circulation and heart functioning. Chicken broth improves the operation of the gastrointestinal tract. In general, this tasty snack is a natural remedy for many diseases which should be used as a preventive measure.

    Beautifully decorated dish is perfect for table decorations, especially during  the celebration of Easter. Fascinating composition of a serving can be composed of a small basket filled with several jellied Faberge eggs. Thanks to a spectacular look of the snacks they are usually associated with the world famous jewelry. Just like jewelry, this dish with colorful filling can create a festive atmosphere during a family dinner or any other occasion.

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